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Press Statement – Prophet Owuor Should Be Arrested!

owuorFollowing reports that five people died while seeking ‘healing’ during Prophet Owuor’s crusade in Nakuru on December 29th, 2014, Atheists In Kenya (AIK) are demanding for the IMMEDIATE ARREST and prosecution of Prophet Owuor.

It is indeed sad that Prophet Owuor has continued to mislead Kenyans that he is capable of performing miracles such as healing of the sick. He has misled Kenyans into believing that he is a ‘true’ prophet of god, and thus he holds the greatest responsibility for these deaths. What Prophet Owuor is perpetrating is blatant fraud and exploitation of gullible Kenyans.

In our view, Prophet Owour is taking advantage of the fact that Kenyans are facing hard economic times, most Kenyans are poor and misinformed in matters of religion, most Kenyans are desperate for a better life and he is using this situation to lie to Kenyans that he can solve their problems.  This form of abuse is simply unacceptable. The deaths should never have happened.

Kenyans should never be allowed to die on the basis of a belief in a person such as Prophet Owuor. The Kenyans government should act quickly to save Kenyans from this self-proclaimed ‘Man Of God’.

We urge the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Keriako Tobiko to swiftly investigate and prosecute this rogue Prophet to save Kenyans from further deaths in 2015.

President, AIK


One comment on “Press Statement – Prophet Owuor Should Be Arrested!

  1. eqechoes
    January 3, 2015

    Both he and his acolytes didn’t take up the challenge to prove the miracle healing claim true. The media must have conveniently forgotten that. With these deaths, this charlatan must be jailed, at least!!!


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