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A thought about prayer …

prayerrBelievers tell us that Jesus answers every prayer but sometimes the answer is “No”. OK, but here is the interesting thing…

Some prayers are harder to answer than others. For example, if you lose your car keys, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find them and if you pray to Jesus to help you find them, there’s a pretty good chance he will answer your prayer.

However, if your dream is to reduce the suffering of children by ending childhood cancers, you are not likely to succeed even if you work your whole life at it. And, if you ask Jesus to do it for you, there is next to no chance he will answer that particular prayer.

When you look at a lot of examples you will conclude that the easier it is to accomplish a task yourself, the more likely Jesus will answer your prayer with a “Yes”.

Since Jesus is omnipotent, there is no prayer he cannot answer so he must have to decide which to answer. You might expect he would use criteria such as how sincere or deserving you are or how much you love him or what would be most beneficial for you in the long term. However, it looks as though his criterion is rather simple–he is more likely to answer prayers for things you can easily do for yourself.

Oddly, it would work in exactly the same way if Jesus did not exist at all.

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2 comments on “A thought about prayer …

  1. Ex- Agnostic
    December 25, 2014

    God cured me of an incurable, genetic condition this year. 2014 has been the best year of my life. It is the first year that I actively sought God, I never went to church & I did my best to pray everyday seeking an answer, and I found Him. I actually found God!


  2. Ex- Agnostic
    December 25, 2014

    I would like to go into detail about my experience and my disease, if you are ever interested I’d like to know!

    In brief: actually after praying everyday, I didn’t even know how to, I just forced myself to say the Lord’s prayer everynight, that evolved to talking to Him about my day and eventually I had a spiritual experience in April and my healing started.


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