Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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God seems powerless against Satan!

luciferLucifer started a war in Heaven as we were told in all the religious books and somehow that so called war persists even now. So tell me something, if this God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah cannot keep his angels under control and Lucifer took almost one third of them, what makes you believe that it can keep humanity under control?

Why do you think the so called omnipotent who could simply kill the devil and its wingy coup plotter with just one word like “die” can help humans? What was your god thinking before it created the devil when it knows already that this brother Lucifer will get tired of it sit tight head of heaven and plan a coup?

You remember “our lords” prayer?
You remember the part “As it is done on earth ,so also in heaven”?
I say to all of you religious people… you are all liars!!!
There is democracy on earth but a tyrant called god/allah/yahweh/jehovah in heavens according to you genocide manuals called holy books.

When is you god going to allow elections in heavens?


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