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Humans are a small stage in the evolution process!

evolutionWe humans are a small stage in a long process of evolution. We like to think we are the culmination of the process but we are not. We evolved, we thrived for a while and we will pass away to be superseded by something else.

If history tells us anything, it is that no species survives forever. We live on a changing planet which is subject to deadly threats from within and without. The deadliest threat will not extinguish a few thousand species–it will extinguish them all. That threat arises from the death throes of our sun.

It is vanishingly unlikely that we will be around to witness it but here, Christopher Hitchens describes what we think will happen.

Beautifully narrated with beautiful graphics.


2 comments on “Humans are a small stage in the evolution process!

  1. kimani
    October 13, 2014

    The late hitchens books opened my eyes.The god delusion and the portable atheist being my favourites.I still remain agnostic.’Anything asserted without evidence can be discarded with the same’.Atheist are sleek with this topic.You claimed God first prove your case.The christian panics and folds back to a book he can not prove to be morally godly to quote verses.No intelligence whatsoever.Christianity for me is good for business and shouting you dont believe in God is rather stupid.Most of my customers buy and i could careless if they are foolish.I read that story book everyday.Its good for business.When i make my first 10million then i will stop acting like i believe that conjecture.


  2. Maingi
    January 24, 2015

    The last time I checked there was no scientific evidence for evolution . In fact all known science seems to support the creation model of origins . It actually takes more credulity to believe in evolution than creation. So all that passion about an evolution process of which man is part is actually dogmatic faith. Even hardcore evolutionists have for a while now abandoned the model suggested by the graphics in the caption above. Not that anything more intellectually acceptable has come up.
    Great strides have been made in science in recent history. All of them show the complexity and the design in the universe , whether in the starry host or in DNA. Even the most ardent evolutionists are now at best sheepish denying design.
    I think our atheist friends should at least admit design and look for some way of sidelining the designer. I do not envy them the task.


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