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How to value your life!

value-lifeIf you live to be 80 years old you will go to bed 29,140 times. Every time you close your eyes, you can strike off one day. It’s gone forever.

If you think 29,140 is a lot–don’t. Think it’s a little. That makes every day precious.

When you REALLY value your days, you’ll make every day count.

But there is one commonly held belief that can diminish, even decimate, the value of your precious days–the belief that an infinite life awaits you after your death.

If you think this life is little more than the entrance lobby to your real life and if you think your real days will be measured in trillions of trillions, what is the value of the measly portion on Earth?

But you have no certainty of the next life. You cannot be certain it exists and if it does, you cannot be certain you will go to the good place and not the bad place. You cannot even be sure your version of the afterlife is the correct one; maybe it is the one preached by a very different religion…

However, you can be quite sure of this life, now. So please make the most of it–maybe you’ll be lucky when you die and maybe you won’t. Maybe the lights will just go out, permanently.

Don’t risk what you have for what you might have.

— By Bill Flavell, an Aheist


One comment on “How to value your life!

  1. John
    April 25, 2014

    Christianity I call it whiteman project.

    If you observe clearly people make use of threat of unkown to survive in christianity.

    So far I have seen christian do more harm to the world more than any other group.

    You find the worst criminal are in church and preach all the time.

    The investiment of big churches could have been dieviated to more sensible projects like slum rehabilitation or feeding the poor.

    What a mess???????????


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