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We must rise up against Prophet Owuor! Nkt!

12It is amazing, isn’t it, the kind of popularity one Prophet Owuor has in Kenya. The guy, though not a prophet, has a sizeable number of Kenyans who actually believe he is a prophet. He calls himself A ‘Man of God’. It is sickening that many Kenyans will follow him everywhere he goes, they will carry their babies to his crusades, they will give their offerings, even if it means being broke for the remaining period. What people do not want to accept is that Prophet Owuor is no more than any corrupt person in Kenya. Prophet Owuor is using religion to delude some Kenyans. And someone must stop this nonsense! Someone must raise his voice and stop this ‘Man of God’ from trickery! 
You see, if truly this ‘Man of God’ means well for Kenya, he should perform his miracles where they are most needed, like our public hospitals. Not in crusades where poor Kenyans, Kenyans who have lost hope, come following him believing he will do magic. The Government should indeed ban his rallies! He is messing up many many Kenyans. Women are trooping to his rallies in the hope that their lives shall change, yet we know he is just some regular busy body who has realized how best use gullible third world citizens. As an Atheist, it makes me sick! It sickens me that most Kenyans are so ignorant, as not to see beyond this man’s dishonesty!
Kenyan’s must reject this man Prophet Owuor, he is misusing and abusing Kenyans. Especially the poor, innocent and gullible. Prophet Owuor is not a Prophet of God. Prophet Owuor a regular conman who has hit the jackpot by taking advantage of poor souls in Kenya!
Do you hear me stupid Kenyans? 

7 comments on “We must rise up against Prophet Owuor! Nkt!

  1. ann
    April 24, 2014

    oli lisimba liamakana. omuluhya omupumbafu muno. obaya nende Nyasaye okwana kushiri okhuteshia kuno? ewe oyire!!!!!!!! unatusi wakenya stupid, wewe ni stupid saaaaaaana, wasoma yena?


  2. jon
    April 24, 2014

    wachs ufala mse…..stupid ni ww na upuzi zako hapa


  3. user9
    April 25, 2014

    this guy doesn’t ask for offerings in his crusades n has no church so get your facts right otherwise at some point you are right


  4. Isaac
    May 3, 2014

    we need hard facts about the possible existence of God, the author s of the bible and where they researched their work. And if somebody is willing to assist me gather knowledge and be in the know, I would like to know where does Cain get his wife? Two in the book of Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12, the bible is referring to the devil as son of dawn or morning star, and in the book of revelation of John, the bible is saying behold am coming quickly and my reward is with me. Am the bright morning star. Now who is who? Is Satan or Jesus? Which day was the Woman separated from Man? it all does not make sense. Owour’s messages, needs to be researched about.


  5. truthteller
    May 3, 2014

    You atheists are just trying to use another term to call yourselves but YOU ARE DEVIL WORSHIPERS! you are only trying to re brand but that wont help you much! Accept God and live or else u perish! that’s why you are so mad at the prophet….again, if that your atheism teaches you to judge others then i can confidently call you FOOLS! i pity the wombs that carried you….


  6. njeridiva
    June 11, 2014

    Ati atheists are devil worshippers?! BAHAHAHA! YES WE WORSHIP THE DEVIL WHOM WE DONT BELIEVE EXISTS!


  7. Lydia wanjiru
    June 27, 2014

    Behold,He is coming with the clouds,and every eye will see HIM,even those who pierced Him.and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over it is to be.AMEN. REVELATION 1:7


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