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If God is So Powerful, Why Have Security In Kenyan Churches?

god-does-not-existI will go straight to the point.
Why do we have churches deploying security men and women at church entrances, if you are serving a living, powerful god? With all those rods to check for metal objects? Why doesn’t god protect the folks who go to churches to pray?

Does anyone see the contradiction here? Ama you now want to say stupid things like god works in mysterious was, god cannot be questioned?

Thing is, ‘god’ does not exist. The ‘god’ you worship is just a concept, a good feel idea, nothing real. If you ‘god’ is all powerful, then why was baby Cyprian shot in a church, why are terrorists shooting in churches, why couldn’t ‘god’ prevent all these if he was all powerful?

Then you find stupid Kenyans thanking the same ‘god’ who did not protect baby Cyprian from being shot, thanking him for getting the bullet removed from his head, instead of thanking the doctors at KNH.

Fellow Christians, please think, and think hard about your all powerful ‘god’.


7 comments on “If God is So Powerful, Why Have Security In Kenyan Churches?

  1. Maingi Kubai
    April 9, 2014

    Baby Cyprian is doing well and we thank God. The circumstance that led to his injury and the death of his mother and others are truly tragic.
    Harrison thinks that this is evidence that God does not exist. He wants us to thank the doctors at KNH , I agree we should, but I suggest that these doctors are themselves the product of a creator who is purposeful and intelligent . Perhaps we should thank him for creating intelligent beings who can remove a bullet from Cyprian’s head. Would Harrison have us believe that these doctors are the products of nothing evolving into something without cause or purpose ?
    Of course Harrison will respond quickly that such an intelligent and supposedly all powerful God would not have allowed the likoni attack. But such a God as the one Harrison has in mind would probably not have continued to allow defiant Harrison to continue living on His earth and enjoy good health! The thing is God is not like Harrison , or me or any of us.
    One of the most obvious things in life is our finitude as human beings. Our understanding is logically limited and we shall not understand the workings and purposes of God. The likoni attack , westgate and others are difficult to understand. But even more difficult to understand is a God who sends His only son to die on a wooden cross for the likes of me and Harrison.
    And he tells us that he is not indifferent to the goings on at likoni and westgate, that he has done something about it and will do something about it yet. But his ways are not our ways. He asks us to trust him, but he allows us to trust ourselves if we so choose, we may even trust Harrison!


    • Harry
      April 9, 2014

      I just see lots of contradictions in our comment. Let me ask: God acts in his own ways, and his own ways are not ours, but he has a plan for everyone, so when baby Cyprian was shot, it was all god’s plan!

      Give me a break!


      • Maingi Kubai
        April 12, 2014

        This is only the same problem restated in different terminology . It is the problem of pain. And that is why Calvary, and the cross of Christ gives such hope and comfort to the Christian . He who could turn the crucification to victory can do the same with baby Cyprian’s tragedy.
        Could Harrison make sense of Cyprian’s tragedy from a purely atheistic position? Does it become easier or better if God does not exist?


    • John
      April 24, 2014

      Hi Maingi,
      You say that ” … these doctors are themselves the product of a creator who is purposeful and intelligent . Perhaps we should thank him for creating intelligent beings who can remove a bullet from Cyprian’s head.”
      From the bible stories there was only one creator of human beings, so, should we also thanks the creator for creating the goddamn terrorists that put the bullet in baby Osinya’s head!?



      • Maingi
        May 7, 2014

        Yes, we should thank God for creating the terrorists too. We should thank him for creating John as well. And for giving them free will to choose between right and wrong, between acknowledging and obeying him or rejecting him and carrying on inhuman acts.
        And we must thank him because we know he is neither impotent nor indifferent to the actions of terrorists and atheists. He is merciful and gracious and calls both to repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation to a Holy God.
        As for the victims of terrorism and the victims of all our other sins, for there is no sin that is victimless , The Almighty , All Wise , All knowing God will find a way to square things off with them. He moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.


  2. amy
    April 9, 2014

    I am a Christian and was wondering the same thing. I think it is wrong for Christians to request security for we do not fight against flesh and blood and I believe God is enough to protect us.
    The only problem is we Kenyan Christians are what Jesus called lukewarm Christians thats why Gods power is not working through us.
    Christianity is painted wrongly because of its believers but if you would read the Bible for yourself, you would realize the problem is not Christianity but Christians who get it wrong.
    I was a Catholic but at a point I decided to search some stuff for myself and when I read the Bible for myself I realized 99% of church and Christianity as we have been taught is wrong and what we have in Kenya is something the Bible calls ” having a form of Godliness but denying its power”.
    Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria recently had a Boko Haram member confess in his church of a plan they had to bomb his church but God told him beforehand and he prayed and the plan was thwarted.
    Am not telling you all this to try and convert you, just to explain to you that its Christians who go wrong not the Christian faith.


    • Harry
      April 10, 2014

      Frida, i invite you to our monthly Atheist meeting on the 26th April, 2014. Please come and let us share!


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