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For Baby Cyprian Osinya, Prayers Will Not Work!

likoni-attack-children-300x255The story of baby Cyprian Osinya, who was shot in the head during Sunday’s church attack by gunmen in Mombasa has captured the nations attention. Both the Print and Electronic media are awash with the story, and I agree, this is a moving story. I personally feel really sorry for all who lost lives during the shooting, as well as those who are recuperating. I almost cried when i saw the baby clinging to to the father, who has also lost a wife in the shoot out. It really traumatized me, and i thought myself in such a situation. A father, trying all he can to cope with such misfortune, losing a wife in the process, a child putting all his hopes on the child, it was just too much. Am a human being, and I was touched

But why i choose to write this post, is to react to the pledges of prayer that have flooded the social media and even the print media, urging that we pray for Baby Cyprian Osinga. I know how most Kenyan’s feel about Cyprian. I truly understand that you want the best for the baby. But prayers shall not help baby Cyprian. A surgery will.

The fact is, God never answers any prayers. The entire idea that “God answers prayers” is an illusion created by human imagination.

How do we know that “answered prayers” are illusions? We ask a group of believers to pray for something and then we watch what happens. What we find, whenever we test the efficacy of prayer scientifically, is that prayer has zero effect:

  • It does not matter who prays.
  • It does not matter if we pray to God, Allah, Vishnu, Zeus, Ra or any other human god.
  • It does not matter what we pray about.

If you feel strongly about Cyprian, go and donate for whatever money he needs to undergo the surgery. Be part of the solution. Do not pray. Donate money. Petition parliament and your leaders to create hospitals that can perform such surgeries. Let there be doctors trained to handle such cases. Let Kenyans take healthcare seriously, by coming up with a Social Healthcare Scheme that works. Let us make health affordable.

Above all, LET US NOT PRAY!


2 comments on “For Baby Cyprian Osinya, Prayers Will Not Work!

  1. Alain Patrick
    April 29, 2014


    I really feel the same here. I live in SA and was reading news about this poor boy and I was shocked that people had no time even to thank the genius surgeons who were able to save the life of this poor little boy.

    When it comes to prayers,. Once my friends who still believe in delusion hear that I am an atheist they say: “We are going to pray for you” and my response is the same always: “I am their guinea pig. Go ahead and knock yourselves out!”


    • mr. mills
      May 21, 2014

      So you are a pig after all.I like pork.It got not brains n I pray after I eat to give thanks.The gifted hands of the surgeons did well,they are gifted,so who is this giver?


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