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The Saturday Debate Unearthed Fundamental Misconceptions!

mumia2First let me thank FIKA for joining the Atheists In Kenya, and indeed participating in the “God” debate that took place at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications on the 15th March, 2014. I also want to thank Ssemakula Mukiibi, FIKA Chairperson for accepting to be one of the panellists. I must also thank the ladies who graced the occasion. I am talking of the Atheists ladies. Let me also thank the students who put in a lot of time to make the event successful!

This debate tried to address one fundamental question: “Does God Exist?”. Every other discussion revolved around this very question. I and Ssemakula represented Atheists, while we had to religious folks representing the deities. One of them, Makokha, came to preach rather than debate. I felt sorry for him!

So was this debate necessary? I have heard folks in the past, even atheists, saying that such debates are not necessary. In my view, such debates, especially in third societies which are highly conservative and averse to discussing god topics, we need such debates. Why? Because through such debates, we are able to unearth several things that we do take for granted. For instance, the lack of appreciation of logical fallacies, how our education system has contributed to a society that questions less, lack of critical thinking, religious indoctrination, the misunderstanding that societies have about atheists, etc.

Let me take you through some questions that came up during the debate; to pass my point across:

  • If you do not believe in god, then what do you believe in?
  • Where do you think you go after you die?
  • What made you become an Atheist?
  • Is Atheism a religion?
  • Would you date an Christian?

And many many more.

But what would be of concern to me, is how these students demonstrated a lack of critical thinking, how they blindly held to the god belief, how they found it strange that we have people we call Atheists. There was this girl, for instance who kept quoting the bible, as if it meant anything to us. She quoted the book of Genesis, as well as Isaiah, and Psalms. Amazingly, the verse that says Atheists are fools came up yet again. (The fool says in his heart, there is no god).

What is my ultimate conclusion? Let us move out of social media, and into the public, and let us debate openly these issues. I say again, let us have more of these debates. Ours is not to eradicate poverty, but to provoke a different thinking in our society with regard to religion, and other free thought topics. As the President of the Atheists in Kenya, i will organize for other debates such as these, with the aim of providing a platform where religious issues can be debated.


Atheists In Kenya


6 comments on “The Saturday Debate Unearthed Fundamental Misconceptions!

  1. mcmarcko
    March 17, 2014

    We really should have more of these debates, I’d be glad to participate in them all. Our society lacks the questioning, critical thinking and creativity. It’s such a pity to see our future journalists who lack the core part of trying to understand, trying to debate in a manner that views from everyone counts and never trying to question, which in my opinion, the journalist students don’t understand their careers, for example, how can they host a show where a conflicting religion is involved?, how can they write such articles surrounding religion?, it could be impossible.


  2. bonfacemorris
    March 17, 2014

    I think I should, in the near future, attend one of your debates so that we may share viewpoints and as you put it to “debate” and not “to preach”.
    It is just that Nairobi is far from where I recede but I’m genuinely interested.


  3. Leonard
    March 23, 2014

    I would also like to attend the debates. As for the ones using the bible as reference, ha!. How can one argue from a standpoint and if asked how the bible came to be, they reply that they don’t know or it doesn’t matter. Seriously humankind must come out and know we created god for ourselves out of fear, that is never to mean we should neglect being virtuous, religion is not the only place to get good from.


  4. Maingi Kubai
    March 23, 2014

    I find myself in agreement with Harrison on something( wonders will never cease ,it seems!) . I agree that the fundamental question is ” does God exist?”. All other issues in life follow from the answer to that question.
    I also agree that the matter should be debated, but with the express purpose of establishing the truth, not winning a debate.
    As a former atheist I have a modicum of sympathy for the intellectual handicaps and logical inconsistencies in the atheist position which I believe ( at least in the honest enquirer) are the result of wrong presuppositions and it is my prayer and hope that honest discourse can bring this out.
    The answer to the question of God’s existence is of course not a casual matter, it is quite literally a matter of life and death.

    Maingi Kubai .


  5. David gitau
    April 27, 2014

    I suggest you visit . the site that has true testimonies of men,women and even children who visited hell and hevean.


    • amazingfarce
      July 15, 2014

      Next time they visit hell/heaven, they should bring a camera phone with them. God wouldn’t mind, would he? He ‘blessed us ‘ with the technology..


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