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Christian ‘god’ is Ignoring the the hungry in Turkana!

Yesterday, i was watching KTN News, and i must say it was bad enough seeing children dying of hunger in the nothern parts of Kenya.turkana I also watched Uhuru Kenyatta saying that money has been set aside for hunger in Turkana.

But being an Atheist, i thought – all these useless Christians who keep saying that ‘God is able’, why is that able god of yours not sorting out the Turkana children and their families? If the Biblical God is so great, then why are Kenyans in Turkana dying of hunger, yet most of you go to church and pray every damn Sunday to this god? Even if you do not go to church, doesn’t this strike you as curious?

I know what some of you want t tell me, that ‘God has a plan for everything, and a reason for everything.’ But you know what, that is bullsh*t.

The Christian god, the Muslim god, really any god does not exist.



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