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Religious dogmas are in contradiction with reality!

Examine the following religions dogmas, and you will realize that they are in contradiction with reality!dogma

  • Because the man knows that he will die and that after death, there is nothing any more.
  • Why to adore a god which is said merciful and who has condemned for ever the humanity because of the original sin of only one (injustice), that God has himself created and subjected to temptation (perverse idea)… and for an apple history (shabby trick).
  • Why to join this religion and not this other one? Why do the believers nearly always have the religion of their parents and their social sphere?
  • The evil exists and God would be witness, passive… or powerless.
  • The suffering or the death of children, innocent per definition. Why has misfortune fallen down on this one and not on that other one.
  • The inefficacy of the prayers.
  • Humanity is too mediocre to have been created by a god worthy of the name.

2 comments on “Religious dogmas are in contradiction with reality!

  1. Peter Oluoch
    February 5, 2014

    After your death, you will realize there is a god that you worship, his name is satan and you have refused to worship the True God, Yahweh.


  2. Jonathan
    March 31, 2014

    Keep it up man.It is a nice piece.Religions are all man made and like man they have a start and an end.


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Stop believing in myths ...

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