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Prayer is an act of doubt, not faith!


Prayer is an act of doubt, not faith

Prayer is an act of doubt, not faith

We all pray, don’t we? Some of us definitely do pray for good things to happen to them and their families.We do pray for husbands, wives, good health and prosperity. And i heard most of you saying things like when you pray, god listens. And god answers prayers. Very well! And we pray in faith, knowing and believing that god shall answer the prayers!

But let us look at this person we describe as god. God created you, and put you on earth, knowing what shall happen to you from conception till you die. Right? So if you become poor, sick, or jobless, thats gods divine plan. It is part of his agenda for you. Right? If you are looking for a goddamn husband, or a good job, and you do not get, you can say its gods plan. So why pray? Why ask god for things he has already planned for you?

Fact is that prayer is an act of doubt! It is not an act of faith! You know god has a plan for you but you still want to make requests to him. That is doubt! Anyone who prays is demonstrating doubt, not faith!

In any case, ‘god’ does not exist!

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2 comments on “Prayer is an act of doubt, not faith!

  1. Adilaa
    January 16, 2014

    Harrison, you will find that by no means all Xtian churches believe that there is a ‘divine plan’. I spent 18 years in a mainstream Anglican church and never once came across this idea despite going to church at least once a week.


  2. amsalutamirat
    January 30, 2014

    Reblogged this on Amsalutamirat.


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