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It is Shameful To Give Glory To ‘God’!

thank-godFor those of you who think god has been so kind to you, god has given you favor, god has made you successful, for those giving glory to god, please shut the hell up! God has done nothing to improve the welfare of humanity! Just because you are healthy, or you have a job, or a husband, or wife, or your child performed well in school, or you got healed from hospital, is not an indication of the hand of any ‘god’. Fact is we have war in Sudan, we have cancer patients in Kenyatta hospital, we have jobless Kenyans, we have children who can barely afford a meal, beggin on the streets for food! And here you are thanking some god for the small little things he has done for you! Damn!

The most shameless thing for any religious person to do is to imagine that god has favored him; It is shameless, and an insult to many, it is self conceited! It is foolish!


One comment on “It is Shameful To Give Glory To ‘God’!

  1. kirk
    December 30, 2013

    Focusing on a few so-called “blessings” (as if god is their exclusive source) while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the very real problems all around the world (as if the same god is not responsible for the latter) is grasping at straws.

    One of the worst “sins” people commit today is the ‘sin of mental evasion’, a.k.a. choosing to listen to only those who support what they want to believe, regardless of how futile it sounds from an objective standpoint. They do this out of fear: the logical conclusion – that there is no god – is too much for many of them to face.

    But such is the case with those who allow emotions (i.e., fear, guilt) to override their minds, to rule their lives. They thus betray their own souls – their conscious awareness – so fear and guilt are natural consequences of choosing to avoid the evidence, of choosing to not think.

    How much better it is to acknowledge and accept reality! Freedom from emotion-based, mind-enslaving religious dogma is an essential first step toward the pursuit of a life of happiness and productivity, and that is a natural right of all men that they should never give away (or take away, as was done by the Catholic Inquisition and also by the Islamic Conquests of past centuries, to cite just two of many historical examples).


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