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KTN Story On The Dead Lacks Substance!

The story that appeared on KTN Prime News on the 17th December 2013, in which it was reported that the corpse of a 25 year old casual worker was allegedly stuck on the streets of a busy town in Western for more than 20 hours, thanks to some mysterious happening attributed to the dead, is a clear sign that we are a society obsessed with superstition. The story talks about two vehicles that allegedly developed mysterious mechanical problems while transporting the dead body. It goes further to show relatives Coffindramatically begging the dead body to allow them to transport it to its burial location. The story further reports that a third vehicle finally transported the body home for burial following certain ethnic rituals. This is a classic case of the supreme obsession of our society, including our media, with mystery. The problem i have with this whole story is that it lacks empirical scrutiny. It is shrouded in mystery, and cannot pass the test of scientific inquiry. Worse still, the story is based on fear! It is rooted in the fear of the unknown, and is manifestly nonsensical.

Why do i say so? There is no way you can attribute the breaking down of a vehicle to some strange mysterious force. Vehicles break down every day. Whether they are carrying dead bodies or not. And they break down because of mechanical problems, not metaphysical interventions. Secondly, dead bodies are dead! Ask any qualified doctor. How come we have never heard of dead bodies in our hospitals refusing to be taken to the morgues? Kenyans are obsessed with the dead. And they want to seek explanations for things they do not understand. But we must dig deeper, and get the truth about some of these stories. This particular story lacks sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the dead can influence the affairs of this world.

Such stories should be treated with the highest degree of skepticism.


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