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At 50 Years, Majority of Kenyans are Religious Slaves!

As we celebrate 50 years of Kenyan Independence, we must appreciate that over the 50 years, Kenyans have been subjected to religious indoctrination, which has lead to religious slavery, which has in turn produced a nation that is more concerned about using the so called spiritual interventions like PRAYER in solving national and personal problems, instead of employing science and reason.

slavery-mentalityToday we have a nation of religious slaves. We have a nation of Kenyans whose entire political system is wrongly interlaced with religion. Our education system is tightly coupled with religious teachings, our curriculum teaches religion as a mandatory subject. Today, 50 years after independence, we are not only struggling with poverty, disease, and ignorance. We are also faced with mental enslavement through religion. Our media will take a lot of airtime on Sundays, showing religious programs, instead of teaching science and expanding knowledge. We listen more to church leaders than to scientists and humanists. We are a nation hostile to humanism and secularism. A divided nation, a nation that has taken prayer to new heights – by administering it even for the most unnecessary of situations. We are slaves of religion.

It is about time that Kenyans stood up and declared that Kenyans should be free from religious slavery. We can do it!

KFT President


3 comments on “At 50 Years, Majority of Kenyans are Religious Slaves!

  1. Brandon NM
    December 12, 2013

    @50 Kenyans are socio-economic slaves, that is what is more relevant. At the end of the day, when the average Kenyan has bills to pay, jobs to maintain or get, food to buy etc etc. religion is just a safe haven for them to cast their humdrum. Economic slavery is what is eating Kenyans, Religion is just slowing it down or making it less painful, this coupled with the innuendo of the media, and the hogwash that politicians. You are simply putting the blame on religion because as an atheist you incline yourself to some god-like level subconsciously from which you perceive every other problem to stem from religion.


  2. Brandon NM
    December 12, 2013

    please don’t get me wrong, as the skewed atheist i intuitively perceive you are, you might quickly rush to the conclusion that I am in support of dogmatic religion. Let’s get this clear, I am not. You see, we humans, no matter how self-righteous or all-knowing or intelligent we are, we still see the world as we are not as it is. As the atheist you seem to be, you have this misconceived notion that most problems even here in Kenya stem from religion. If you really deem yourself as a Freethinker, then you better start thinking (and writing blogs) as so.


  3. Mel
    December 12, 2013

    @ Brandon, your insults are based on a wrong conclusion, i dont see anywhere in the OP that says more problems stem from religion. Any man knows that there are more than one department in our lives and each department present its own kind of problems. The fact is that religion is a problem and the OP is interested in addressing religious problem. You are free to address economic problems or whatever problem that is of your interest.


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