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Religions are preoccupied with SEX!

If you want to get a religious person upset, be tolerant of gays, abortions, sex outside marriage, prostitution or any of the taboos related to sex. Religions care more about mostly victimless sex sins than they do about violence, robbery and even murder. Rape is really a crime of violence using sex and everyone condemns rape but why all the other sex sins? It can be explained scientifically in terms of our species needed to have evolved with sex taboos that would ensure the survival of our species but there do not seem to religion-sexbe any strong prohibitions in the bible or the Qur’an against promiscuity. In fact multiple wives are common or encouraged, you have to look through many thousands of words to find anything against gays; abortion is not mentioned and in fact sex is hardly mentioned. Most of the stories are about other subjects. Yet sex is a pre-occupation.

Apart from prohibitions on innocuous things, many of the rules are concerned with sex. Celibacy of catholic priests, circumcision, marriage as a Church institution and a virgin birth. In some of the Calvinist Churches, there are prohibitions against dancing and of course Islam has women covered up, men with multiple wives, women as definitely subordinate and men rewarded with multiple virgins in paradise.

St. Augustine of HippoWe can understand all this if religions were developed by men (not women) and they turned their attention to things at the top of their minds. But if god created religions, then why would he particularly care? If God made rules, they would be like the first few of the 10 commandments – basically “worship me and no-one else!” He might care about murder since someone is deciding for him when a person should die. (See my article on this) But why care about sex? Surely that means more babies and more happy people who would then cause less trouble! Seems to me it supports the case in favour of the creation of religion by men, not by a god.


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