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List of mistakes made by ‘GOD’!

I do not believe in a god (i am an atheist), but to those who still think that this sky person exists, you may want to consider some mistakes that he has made over the years, since he supposedly created man! This should help you in your skepticism!

  • Creating Satan and not keeping a close eye on him.
  • Created female counterparts for all the males of each species, yet forgot to make a female human until (at the least) a day later. Because Adam was sent around to every animal God had created and told to name them, and clearly noticed that his was the only race without a female, he may have been tempted towards acts of bestiality.mistakes
  • Proceeding to create Eve out of Adam’s rib, rather than out of thin air like his omnipotent self. First, the poor guy’s missing a rib for the rest of his life. Second, Eve was then made out of Adam, so all love from then on out was reduced to narcissism, and all human sex and procreation reduced to masturbation.
  • God couldn’t find Adam in the Garden of Eden. He also didn’t realise that Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit until they complained that they were naked. Evidently, this God doesn’t know everything.
  • He also had to ask Cain where Abel was. Omniscient, indeed.
  • Letting things on Earth get so out of hand that he had to wipe the slate and start over.
  • While he’s wiping the slate, He simply refuses to wipe the slate totally clean. He has to save Noah and family for the next round of inbreeding, instead of re-creating humanity from scratch. This leads to the next round of wiping the slate known as the Great Tribulation or Yawm ad-Din.
  • Due to that aforementioned wiping of the slate, the unleashing of an ecological holocaust unlike anything the earth will ever see again.
  • Going nuts because of the Tower of Babel, but doing nothing about this tower, topping at 2,684 ft.
  • The inability to tell the first-born Hebrew kids from the first-born Egyptian kids, requesting a slap of blood on the doors as a friendly reminder.
  • The vessel was marred in the potter’s hand (Jeremiah 18:4). God admit’s he screwed up in making man, calling into question whether we’re responsible for our own sin.
  • Fathered a son through an engaged virgin, (secretly, and without any prior notice to her fiancé) in open defiance to the laws he himself set back in Deuteronomy 22:25, and expected her to be honored. Note: she was a virgin. Result: the most painful childbirth in history, where the hymen was broken not by being pushed in, but by being pulled apart by the expansion of the uterus.
  • Wrote the Old Testament and then had to send his Only Begotten Son down to revise it, leaving everyone thoroughly confused.
  • After his Only Begotten Son had come and gone God still hadn’t got his message across properly and a few hundred years later had to get some messenger call Gabriel to dictate Version 3.0to some bloke called Mohammed.
  • Telling us (through clergies) that we will be judged on how we decide to act in life, while designing the world around the idea that how we decide to act has been predetermined.

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