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Crucifixion is Bizarre!

Have you ever thought about how bizarre the crucifixion story is? Imagine the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe sitting on his magnificent throne in heaven. He looks down onto earth and says to himself:

“Those evil humans down on earth. I hate what they are doing. All this sin …

Since I am all-knowing I know exactly what the humans are doing and I understand exactly why they commit each sin. Since I created the humans in my own image and personally programmed human nature into their brains, I am the direct author of all of this sin. The instant I created them I knew exactly what would happen with every single human being right down to the nanosecond level for all eternity. If I didn’t like how it was going to turn out, I could have simply changed them when I created them. And since I am perfect, I know exactly what I am doing. But ignore all that. I hate all these people doing exactly what I perfectly designed them to do and knew they would do from the moment I created them. I HATE IT! I tried killing all the humans and animals once in the flood. That certainly did not fix the problem.

So here’s what I am going to do. I will artificially inseminate a virgin. She will give birth to an incarnated version of me. The humans will eventually crucify and kill the incarnated me. That, finally, will make me happy. Yes, sending myself down and having the humans crucify me — that will satisfy me. I feel much better now.”

It makes no sense, does it?


2 comments on “Crucifixion is Bizarre!

  1. Adilaa Allyce
    November 17, 2013

    It’s ‘he died for our sins’ that I find truly bizarre. I haven’t committed any sins worthy of the death penalty and, if I had, would my victims be satisfied by someone other than me paying the penalty? Why should I be grateful when I never asked anyone in the first place to take the rap for whatever it is I’m supposed to have done wrong (eating an apple/being female/not feeding the monstrous ego of this god/devil by repeatedly worshipping it?)


    • Harry
      November 17, 2013

      I totally agree with your sentiments … totally bizarre!


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