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Do not FEAR hell, It does not exist!

Most Christians will tell you that they follow their faith because they do not want to go to a hell of fire after they die! I find this laughable. As an Atheist, i really do not fear the afterlife, since i know that this life is all there is. Once i die, i there is no afterlife. This makes me be easy, live a happy, contented life. Hell is only frightening if you think it’s there. hell

Christians are conditioned to assume it’s there on an almost subconscious level. I want to help you to get rid of hell, if you are a Christian. One approach is to examine what beliefs you have and why you have them. The less solid other tenets of Christianity appear, the less real Hell will seem.

Of course what scares a lot of people is not the certainty of Hell, but, “What if it’s true?” This is based on a false dilemma, because those who worry like this are only considering two options: no Hell, or the Christian Hell with entry conditions as laid out in Christian doctrine.

Most other religions have some equivalent of Hell, and the purpose of its purported existence in each is the same: believe in this particular god, or you’re going there. Believe in Zeus, or Hades will torment you. Believe in the Buddha or you will be reincarnated as an earwig.

As you realize, they can’t all be right. In fact there are so many alternative Hells (and Heavens, of course) that choosing to believe in any one of them without firm evidence which establishes it as the real one is choosing against ridiculous odds. In the final analysis, it’s not even worth worrying about.

Stop worrying about hell folks! It does not exist!


4 comments on “Do not FEAR hell, It does not exist!

  1. untonyto
    August 8, 2013

    The false premises in this article cry out for truth and justice. Christianity is not the irrational fear of hell you make it out to be. Jesus Christ the Son of GOD is the focus, not hell avoidance. He gave His life for us, to give us eternal life. There is no greater Love than this; there is no better bargain humanity could get, not even the stark purposeless hopeless fatalism that atheism poorly disguises as peace of mind, as though the grave were the inevitable culmination of our brief earthly existence. No, there is a Creator in heaven, He has a good plan for us, for good and not for evil.


  2. carolewk
    September 25, 2013

    Luke 16:19-31 gives a good image of the reality of hell. I agree with someone who once said, it is still better to live as if hell was there and die to find that it wasn’t than live as if it was not there and die to find that it was really there but you ignored it


  3. Mark W.
    November 6, 2013

    It’s nice to see such rational people from all over the world. Religion is the fabrication of ignorant and superstitious men with no knowledge of science as it is today. The more we learn, the smaller god gets. The God-did-it argument has failed every single time. 100%. There is not one shred of evidence to believe in what are obvious myths, legends, and fairytales with no signs of divine intervention of any kind. There is no truth in any of the supernatural claims. Zero. In the long run, hopefully the entire world will finally accept its mortality. Then we will truly understand the importance of life, instead of forsaking this one for an empty promise of a delusion(afterlife) that has no evidence for it. We made god(s), not the other way around. Peace, from America.


    • Junior72
      July 29, 2014

      Hey Mark W, go kill yourself fuckhole;)


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