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I propose the separation of sex and marriage

For a long time, i have been pondering over the relationship between sex and marriage, and why for a long time, society has tied one to the other. I am proposing the separation of sex and marriage. For many reasons.

Marriage-and-Sex-ProblemsBut my primary reason is that the sex is a purely biological act that is pleasurable, and could lead to pro-creation. That is what sex is. Any other additions are either religions or cultural. It therefore follows that the sole reason why we should be having sex is for enjoyment, and for procreation. And these two choices are left to any two consenting adults.

Marriage, on the other hand is a union of two individuals who have decided to become companions and be recognized as a married couple. As a supporter of gay and lesbian rights, i would therefore think the first thing in any marriage is not sex. It is companionship. A marriage can also involve raising children, and when that happens it places responsibility on the parents to raise the child. But marriage and sex are not, and must not be tied together. The responsibility of raising children, as a couple, does not imply that sex should be part of the mix. Sex should be treated separately.

This then means that faithfulness in a marriage should be looked at from the perspective of loyalty. Not sex.

I hope this makes sense!


3 comments on “I propose the separation of sex and marriage

  1. Moscos Omollo
    June 8, 2013

    Makes perfect sense – But unfortunately society has taught us differently đŸ™‚


  2. Yesuwangu
    June 9, 2013

    that will completely destroy marriage and bring in come we stay.people will stay with whom they feel companion as long as they have common interest.tolerance as in marriage and sharing responsibility will not be there anymore.women who want children will have sex with anyone and seperate anytime sex and marrigae can not be separetd as it s the oldest culture and tradition in the world that still exist


  3. East Africa Match
    August 4, 2014

    Society would burn you alive if they get you with another mans wife. Even when she is the one who initiated the sex


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