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I do not support free maternity for Kenyan women!

Folks, i just though i should share this with you!

women-and-2kidsI do not support free maternity for pregnant mothers in Kenya , as directed by the President, Uhuru Kenyatta on Madaraka Day. I would rather we make it very expensive so as to reduce the explosive rate at which population is growing. It is not helping that in this third world country, where joblessness is rampant and poverty is at 40%, we still want to encourage child birth! We do not have food security, our education system is not well established to be truly free, we do not have guaranteed health insurance. Folks earn less than 100 bob a day! Why do we want to encourage child birth?

In  most developed countries, they encourage child birth because the social welfare for the kids is very well established. There are guarantees that the children shall go to school for free, have good health and the government ensures that even the ones who are orphans are catered for.

In Kenya, i say NO! Let us get less and less children.


7 comments on “I do not support free maternity for Kenyan women!

  1. jyokiviyella
    June 4, 2013

    You are we are headed to a breeding spree,and the people cannot even support their own.


  2. Damasta
    June 4, 2013

    I disagree. how do you imagine we’ll have economic growth without population growth? We plan to be an industrialised country by 2030, who will buy those goods? Who will work in those factories? Limiting population growth has serious adverse effects on the economy of any country. Look at Europe where an economy is lucky to grow by 1% a year, the same countries have negative or minimal population growth. Look at Africa where the majority of the fastest growing economies are, all of those countries have high population growth becasue those two things go hand in hand. during the boom years of growth for the west in the late 1800 and early 1900s, their population Exploded (heard of the baby boomers?). Most people hear propaganda from organisations like planned parenthood and swallow the idea that population growth is a problem. Its not, infact its essential to economic growth. We can deal with unemployment and social welfare, thats just a matter of policy. But if we limit our popluation we’ll dig ourselves into a hole that we wont be able to climb out of for generations. we’ll have to start encouraging immigration from outside to keep our economy afloat the way scandanavian countries are now doing. We have enough resources to cater for a population 2-3times what it is now. As long as we properly utilize what we’ve got. Have Kids!


  3. Pius Kamau
    June 4, 2013

    I completely concur dude!!!


  4. I agree It is one delusional way of looking at it , free maternity here from my perspective is all about the unborn babies who dint have choice .Safe child births


  5. I also don’t support it,the population will increase very much and our economy will reduce in growth rates.
    This free maternal care should come after the educating of people about the need to have sustainable numbers of children.


  6. Yesuwangu
    June 9, 2013

    I also do not support it .it is simply meant to encourage one tribe to be more populous so that by there numbers they could always have their own as president.not considering the cost,population,education,sutainance ,health etc this is greedines only.its better that uhuru to offer free immunization upt 3 years that is helpful .just as jomo left destraction affecting kenyans today .his son is also doing the same leaving a trail of destraction which will affect kenyans tommorrow for years


  7. aerofloat (@aerofloatbo)
    June 24, 2013

    Harry, please delete Yesuwangu’s comment as it is tribally biased. It’s ridiculous that an atheist-owned website would tolerate that level of tribal divisiveness. Also, instead of calling for the end of free maternity care (thus ensuring yet more deaths for expectant mothers and infants who will be denied crucial medical care), you should call for more sex education and more availability of birth control for both men and women.


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