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You were NOT born to get married!

It breaks my heart , when i see girls so desperate to get married these days, some have even become hypertensive thinking about the danger of not getting married.

marriage-cartoon-proposalAnd i ask myself, is marriage all women came to this world to do ? Is it wrong if a lady does not get married in life? Did any lady come into this world with a man? So if u die, u die alone, so ladies please if no man is ready to marry you, please concentrate on your gifts and abilities.

You were not born to get married, but to make an impact in this life, make a donation in life so that there will be something to remember you with. Engage in service to humanity, engage in things greater than you, your husband and kids. Nobody has even been celebrated in the world for the best married woman or man. Or award for the best mother in the world.

It is not a sin to be single, and if you are not married, its not a curse too.

Same goes to men who get married because they are getting old, and they want to have children. Please ! Please !! Please!!! You came into this world alone, and you will die alone, you wont take your kids along. If you dont have money to raise children and you want to have children because your getting old, its wickedness.

Because your getting old , u bring a child into this world to suffer hunger and starvation, in terrible conditions? My advice to men, if u dont have enough money to handle a family or raise kids, just enjoy ur life on earth and go. Dont bring any child into this world to suffer.

I know the christians will start quoting the bible, sijui “be fruitful and multiply” … that does not simply apply in this day and age. In any case i am an atheist, so i do not subscribe to that bullsh*t of multiplying.

Guys, you must not marry, neither must you get children. Choose your life. Do not live under this pressure.



2 comments on “You were NOT born to get married!

  1. Yeah! thats the life.


  2. Yesuwangu
    June 9, 2013

    marriage is what creates a society.desire for marriage is like desire fo eating or drinking water.its a desire both men and women have.telling women to live their lives as single women is weird if youu were a womAN you would know what a woman feels like


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