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Your God is Confused !

Think about the god you worship for a second!

god-is-confusedThat God has gotten confused. He has! He has told a great number of different folks in different Christian churches that their particular church is the Only one he accepts as being the True Body of Christ. Catholic, Protestant, Evangelicals, Anglicans, Jehovah Witnesses … all of them are the only ones!

He has even told some of these people that members of other churches will not go to heaven (theirs). God told some people, by way of revelation, that some of the other churches are actually churches of the Devil. He said some of these other churches are actually “the great whore” mentioned in the New Testament as a terrible offense to God and man.

God, yes, your god, that God you worship is confused!


3 comments on “Your God is Confused !

  1. joseph
    March 1, 2013

    Woe unto you who do not believe in the coming of the Son of man…i pity you


  2. Shaino..
    July 3, 2013

    Wo-Men and Men’ then A-men translated as Amen??? What is this Men thing about?


  3. amy
    April 18, 2014

    You are judging Christianity by its abuse. Most of those Christians who condemn others are wrong about Christianity themselves. Look around the INTERNET for preachers who are successful in their ministry and watch how they behave,a good example is TB Joshua of Nigeria, you can watch videos of him on line or read some of his teachings. You will realize why most preachers will not get to his level because of their behavior.
    To understand God you need to go to the Bible but if you look at Kenyan Christians you will always find huge gaping loopholes in their faith.
    The word of God was inspired by his Spirit and only by having God’s spirit in you can you understand it.
    You believe only what you see and Christianity is all about faith. You want to explain the supernatural naturally. If a cancer patient gets healed by faith in one day, there cannot be a way to understand the healing because it is supernatural. It is beyond human ability. So why do you live only in the natural realm and expect to understand the supernatural,its hopeless and a bit stupid.

    The best approach for an atheist would be to discredit the BIble completely but not try and show the errors in it. But you read the BIble the wrong way and expect to understand it. Heres my advice to you, if you are really an Atheist as you claim, throw your Bible away and stop trying to understand Christianity coz you never will, it takes spirit and faith and you do not believe in any of those.
    Why do you have so many posts about the errors in Christianity. You sound just like someone who is angry and frustrated with God and not an independent thinker.


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