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Scientific Errors in the Bible

If God were responsible for the Christian Bible, as an all-knowing being, he should have made no mistakes concerning nature and science. Yet, the Bible is full of erroneous, outrageous and child-like statements about the earth, about man and about the heavens. Only man could be that far off from the truth.
Believers defend the Bible by telling us, “The Bible is not a book of science.” Clear Thinkers concur with this statement. But the believers turn inthebeginingaround and tell us the Bible is from God, and the Bible is true when it speaks on sin, salvation, creation, heaven, hell, angels and such. The Honest Doubter asks this important question. How can anyone separate real science from religion’s CONCEPT of SIN?
Science has as its very Foundation, the concept of honest doubt as the starting point for its investigations. Contrary to science, religion holds Honest Doubt as itsWORST SIN. Honest Doubt (or Clear Thinking) is the only sin which the Almighty hates enough to refuse to give forgiveness for it. Science holds honest doubt and Clear Thinking as its highest virtue.
The original sin was not disobedience. The original (first) sin was that man did not believe God. Man (Adam and Eve) doubted God was telling the truth about these things. Therefore, man investigated and learned some truths from the Tree of Knowledge.

That investigation and knowledge proved that God was wrong. If this sin story is literal, it is stating that man can get Knowledge by eating fruit off a certain tree. Now that is not true. It is a false scientific statement.
On the other hand, some believers tell us the story is an allegory. That is, eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge “symbolizes” studying, experimenting or observing in order to gain knowledge. So as an allegory, this story tells us it is a sin to study and gain knowledge.
If that is so, the story is still false. It is unscientific. It is even inhumane. Without knowledge, man’s civilization would never have developed, or would have been eliminated from the face of the earth by evolution. Man has evolved as he has, because he DID accumulate knowledge. His brain grew as he stretched it by seeking knowledge. As his brain grew, so grew his ability to learn, to survive and to develop. Man dominates the earth today because he has, does, and will, gain knowledge. NO!

The story as an allegory is WORSE than the story as literal. It will not do. It is false! It is anti humane. It is unscientific. This story as an allegory is a terrible sin against man.
Some other believers tell us the story “symbolizes” man’s knowledge and discovery of sex. The fruit was actually sexual intercourse. If this is so, I darkbiblewould like to say, “Hallelujah!” I would also like to ask a question. Did God condemn man for learning about sex, then change his mind and tell the man and woman to be fruitful and multiply? Did he then change his mind again and make a third turn-around and call this same fruitfulness, the original sin, as some religious leaders have claimed? I think not. It is a false claim.

Sex is the natural method of animal reproduction. It can certainly be misused, but the Knowledge of Sex is vital information that man must necessarily have, and he needs even more knowledge about its purpose, care, procedure and utility. Sex is knowledge. Sex is a Scientific subject that affects not only the future of the human race, but may also affect mans personal future evolution.
Science cannot be separated from the religious sin of Honest Doubt. The worst religious sin consists of doubting, thinking and reaching conclusions based on the facts of the matter instead of being based on believing the revealed, authorized claim made by God, his Holy Books, and his holy men. Science is Sin, according to most of the Christian Holy Books, doctrines and claims.

The only conclusion any thinking person can come to is, this story is Not from any God.


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