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The captive mentality

The secret to producing the captive religious and political mentality is brainwashing. The secret to brainwashing is to craft it in such a subtle manner that the one being brainwashed would swear that he was not brainwashed, but will say, “You must be brainwashed slavery-mentalityyourself or you wouldn’t suggest such a thing.” To be successfully brainwashed one must be controlled over what they see, hear and can do. They must be taught that the only truth comes from their own religious or political authorities, and, they must believe it.

You have just seen religion’s most successful method of brainwashing – that is Prayer. Many would rather die than give up their belief in prayer and the accompanying religious doctrines. That is how powerful the brainwashing techniques and propaganda of the religions and their churches really are. The brainwashing must begin when your mind is most defenseless, that is, when you are very young or when you are emotionally distraught.

The secret to brainwashing is to keep the propaganda authoritative but vague. There are many other successful methods of brainwashing. Religions and governments tend to use them all. That is, religion uses all of the techniques legally acceptable. The torture techniques are not so much in evidence except in some of the cults that keep their methods secret. They apply pressure on their captives by using mental and emotional violence and sometimes even physical violence. Other mainstream religions threaten you with eternal damnation and torment. Some also use the threat of isolation and physical violence to control their captives. The Jones cult and Scientology are examples of this and there are others operating presently. Of course, the governments use them all.

It has always interested me that the very worst punishment (outside of torture and burning at the stake) that the church can conceive of and administer to those who disagree with them (especially the Catholic and Mormon church) is that of excommunication. Think about that for a moment! Excommunication can only be a punishment to those who believed the propaganda and brainwashing taught by the church. In other words, the church is saying, “If you do not believe us, if you do not conform to our doctrines and if you do not pay our price, You Are Free.” Everyone in the world should have such a wonderful punishment! Please! Excommunicate all of us!

We all have the power to excommunicate belief and religion from our own lives. In other words, we all have the power to be free.


One comment on “The captive mentality

  1. Mark
    January 28, 2013

    The need to join or “belong” to a religious group, the need to pray, are two examples of superstitious belief at work. This is so because by definition, superstition is “An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.”

    It is irrational to believe that the mere act of speaking words–whether silently in one’s mind or voiced out loud–can influence the outcome of the course of events that are not logically related to these actions.

    It is also illogical to believe that something bad will happen to people who refuse to join a religious group and attend religious meetings held in a specific building dedicated to this purpose.

    Regardless of whether or not people “belong” to some religious group, and whether or not they pray to some supposed higher power, both good and bad things can and do happen to people of both camps. Prayer, religious affiliation, or lack thereof, does not influence the outcome, and many examples of this could be cited to illustrate that this is a fact of life. (It can also be proven statistically.)

    By definition, therefore, the needs to pray and belong to some religion are pure superstition.


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