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The will of god makes no SENSE!

The will of God makes no sense at all.

Suppose some child gets a road accident. Your child. We probably know that the child died because he was not properly supervised, or properly taught the hazards of the road, or because some driver was not careful enough. The know_gods_willClear Thinking, Free thinking, Atheist philosophy teaches that everyone is responsible for his Own mistakes. That is one of the hazards of this philosophy. But the religious person can Blame God and use “God’s Will” as an emotional crutch. The Clear Thinker, the Atheist must take his own blame and pay the social and personal price for his mistakes and sometimes for the mistakes of others.

What happens psychologically to the believer when a tragedy such as this strikes? It’s crazy! The parent certainly knows in his mind, the child would not have run into the street if certain parental precautions had been taken. Since the parent is a believer, a whole raft of questions floods the mind. Is God punishing me for something I did wrong? What was it? Is God trying to get me to do something I have not been doing? If so, what? Did God take my child because I am not worthy of raising him/her? Did he take my child because of that sin I committed a few years ago? Did God take my child because I have been neglecting to go to church? Why did I let my little child play outside unattended? Why didn’t I lock the gate? Why me? Why my little child? What great sin have I committed to be treated this way by God and the church?

“What have I done to deserve this?” is the cry of those who have been taught by their religion that, “Good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.” Is this a fact, or is this a fiction? What do you honestly think?

Believers, as a result of these kinds of harmful teachings, become emotional cripples, dependent upon the crutches of salvation, forgiveness of sin and God’s will. Believers must lean upon the braces of prayer and penance to counteract the religiously imposed guilt, fear and mental weakness that they have been taught to accept and believe by the church and the Bible.

The Clear Thinker, the Atheist must face his guilt alone, as must everyone including the believers. The difference is the Clear Thinker Knows he must take full responsibility for his actions, or lack of them. Since he knows this, he is far more likely not to let his child be hit by a car, if he can help it. He Knows God is Not a dependable baby sitter. He Knows God cannot Be Trusted to watch over his child. He also Knows that God is not a dependable sailor, pilot, miner or driver.

Think about it, Gods will is Nonsense!


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