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A pastor gives his views about the Admin

There is this pastor who has written to a group describing the administrator of KFT. Personally i see this as the greatest affront on free thought. Where questioning is seen as a sign of insanity, where intellectually discussing the rationality of the bible is seen as attacking god, where you are seen to have unresolved issues just because you question. The devil is even thrown at you so that it is a supernatural force at hand.

Yet all we do is question, and doubt. I have therefore posted this to just show how religion actually hinders free thought.

The Pastor writes:

This is what I think of Mumia

1.He is an intelligent and informed fella
2.He is on record for daily attacking God, Jesus, religion, Christianity, Pastors and the Bible
3.He seems to have had a difficulty upbringing
4.He seems to have so much unsolved issues
5.He seems to be seeking for attention
6.He is biting so much that he cant chew
7.He seems to have allowed the devil to reside in his hardened heart

Here is what I would like to tell Mumia

1.Go slow on attacking God and anything Godly
2.Please know that there are plenty of toys to play with. We can help you purchase some
3.You are going too far. You may live to regret your actions
4.Remember that a time comes when God says “enough to man’s nonsense”
5.Many have tried your route but went into their graves with great bitterness
6.There are many including Pastor Birai who are praying for you


4 comments on “A pastor gives his views about the Admin

  1. makagutu
    January 15, 2013

    i really would want to have a word with this pastor, possibly a sit down. can you organise one so he may help me with a few questions i have and it would be nice if we could have it on sunday in his church or wherever he fraudulently gets money from believers while pretending to mediate between them and god


  2. Harry
    January 15, 2013

    Yes Mak, we need to have a sit down with this Pastor. What i will do is to give you his email, but maybe you can address some of the issues he raises right on this blog, like i have a devil inside me (lol) so that i refer him to this blog. I really think this is the problem we have in Kenya. We allow Pastors to think for us, and even call us devil filled. I wonder why their prayers never work on me anyway!


  3. Harry
    January 16, 2013

    This is what i think about Pastor Birai:

    1) He was born and raised into his or her religious faith. He therefore finds it unthinkable that his faith should be challenged.

    2) As an adult, i believe in his 50s or 60s Pastor Birai never adopts nor cultivates the adult attitude of doubt. He would rather resort to calling someone devil filled, or talk of a poor upbringing.

    3) Never reads widely or is exposed to other points of view in the media. If Pastor Birai would read widely, as would most religious folks in this forum, he would find the bible not worth his trust, on the basis on shallow inconsistent and baseless stories.

    4) Does not travel widely including travel into different cultures. If Birai did this, he would appreciate that indeed there are cultures that do not recognize Jesus as lord and saviour. Jews for example, do not believe in Jesus, as much as Africans. Japanese are 80% Atheists. In China, you can only be a Budhist. Appreciating different cultures would help anyone to be accommodative and even skeptic of his beliefs.

    5) Stays within the social confines of like-minded religious people and like most believers, does not trust people of different faiths or non-believers. This is why he finds it difficult to understand that an Atheist is not a devil worshipper.

    6) Never studies deeply into the nature of his or her adopted faith.

    7) Preaches to people who think differently rather than rationally engaging them. I am constantly amazed, bewildered, frustrated, and bored with the kind of responses I see from believers who comment on my posts, including the Pastor. They come here preaching. They pontificate. They quote from the Bible. They even say we’re going to hell with glee. Many of them merely mouth the words of the creeds and affirm what they believe rather than actually engaging me with a rational discussion about the basis for believing in the first place. Pastor Birai and others come here preaching to me from an ancient superstitious set of texts I don’t believe rather than showing us why we should believe it.

    8) Claims he or she does not need evidence to believe. This is utterly delusional thinking especially when we consider all of the things Pastor Birai and other believers must take as properly basic beliefs coming from the witness of the Holy Spirit.

    Given these observations, i will say only two things:

    1) The Pastor, and other believers should realize that beliefs are not cast on stone, and i urge them to expand their knowledge by reading the history of gods, studying different cultures, read the bible and compare it with what we know science has taught us etc. This will help Pastor Birai to appreciate his delusion in the Biblical God.

    2) Stop thinking that it is wrong to question gods. God and Jesus are not immune to questioning. In fact, they deserve more scrutiny, for the simple reason that they claim to be capable of so much, yet do so little.


  4. trey
    January 21, 2013

    the japanese are atheists but that doesnt mean they’re not religious though. buddhism is a religion. an atheist religion in that buddhists dont subscribe to a god. bud buddhism does have dogma that its adherants do abide by.


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