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Jesus was myopic

If you think about Jesus, you realize that his biggest problem is an incredible case of myopia. We can see this myopia quite clearly as we look back at Jesus’ time on earth. The obvious question that any intelligent person is forced to ask is this:

If Jesus is God, then why didn’t Jesus use his omniscience and omnipotence to actually do something magnificent and beautiful on earth rather thanjesus_rescues_peter_1 squandering his “power” as he does in the Bible?
Think about all the problems that Jesus could have solved. At the very least, Jesus could have transcribed passages into the Bible that would have ended sexism, racism and slavery forever.

As the simplest example, think of all of the suffering that slavery has caused. Millions upon millions of people have suffered through the bondage and the remarkable brutality of slavery because Jesus and his Bible fully support it. If Jesus had simply made a clear statement — “Slavery is forbidden, free all the slaves” — he could have prevented all of that suffering. Yet Jesus did nothing of the sort. Instead, Jesus endorsed slavery.

In the same way, Jesus could have chosen women to be six of his apostles and made several speeches on the topic of women’s equality. By doing that, he would have put a huge dent in sexism. Because Jesus did not do that, we still see the effects of Jesus’ sexism in our society today.

At a larger level, if Jesus were God, he could have performed so many real miracles. He could have, for example, eliminated smallpox and a host of other diseases that science is busy eliminating today. Jesus could have given the people of Israel the knowledge that they would need to start a technological society and raise themselves above the primitive living conditions of the day. Jesus could have taught the Israelites about metallurgy, chemistry, biology, physics, manufacturing, mathematics, medicine, engineering, etc., etc., etc. He could have also taught them how to responsibly use these technologies to solve the problems of pollution and habitat destruction that so often accompany them today.

Jesus could have made clear statements to deter nuclear proliferation.


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