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How do we help Lilian Muinde?

This is an email i received from one Lilian Muinde, a Christian who thinks i will be screwed on judgment day. All the free thinkers here, please let us help her understand some aspects of free thought. Please read on, and then give her some insight that will help her open up her thinking!

Harry, just know that God is merciful to us and saves us by pure grace. But we cannot continue to sin, or blaspheme for the reason that we are under grace. See Rom 6;15-22. Paul asks in V16- ‘ Don’t you know when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey- whether as slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience , which leads to righteousness.?’—-V21- ‘ What benefit did you reap from the things that you are now ashamed of?’

I ask you the same question Harry- What benefit will you reap after serving as a slave of whoever you obey currently- The one whom you serve so unswervedly that you faithfully send the quote Religion in Schoolsfor the day to lure people to join your group? What benefit will you reap by ridiculing The Lord God King of ALL Glory, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of God? Did you know that life is not in the hands of men and that when life is snapped out of us by the creator, all of us have a case to answer. Don’t you see that the Lord says He is coming soon and his reward is in his hands to reward each of us according to our actions? Did you know the decision to or not follow Jesus can only be made in our conscious selves- as in, when man dies, the case is sealed , what follows thereafter is judgement. See Hebrews 9:27- ‘It is appointed for man to die once, thereafter comes judgement’.

Do you want to wait till the window closes? Will you say that no one told you about the truth? Why do you continue to harden your heart? Won’t you allow God to change you? Acts 7-9 details the story of Saul, the persecutor of Christians. He was actually present when they stoned Stephen to death!( Acts 7:58). But the Lord met him on the way to Damascus and converted him- read the story in Acts 9: 3-“A light fell from heaven flashed around him—when he opened his eyes, he could see nothing”-V8. Will you wait for a similar experience so you can know that there is one who is Sovereign above all, who created the heavens, fashioned the earth and whose word cannot be revoked? Isaiah 45:18-21. Won’t you turn to Him and be saved, For He is God, and there is no other, and before whom every knee will bow and by Him every tongue confess that the Lord alone is righteousness and strength?-V22-24.

May there come a time when all who read the messages you keep disseminating wiill exclaim like those who witnessed the changed Saul ‘Isn’t he the man who caused havoc in Jerusalem among those who call on this name?- Why, the Lord had chosen him as to carry His name to the Gentiles, their kings and the people of Israel-Acts 9:15. When the Lord changes you, like Saul in Acts 9: 22, may you grow more and more powerful, may you baffle all those who have heard your earlier messages, as you prove that Jesus is Christ! That’s my prayer for you today.


2 comments on “How do we help Lilian Muinde?

  1. Harry
    December 18, 2012

    Lilian, as the first responded of your communication, i wish to state that what you have done is attempt to curtail my freedom of thought, using a veiled threat. You want me to be less intellectual than i am, fear the lord, and never question the bible. What you want me to do is see the danger i am likely to get into, with your god, in the unknown future. You are making your god look like some sensitive bunch of nerves who dislikes criticism. To some degree, you can be forgiven for talking this way. I know what religious indoctrination can do to a person, especially when it is introduced at a very young age. I mean, how do you explain folks who kill others in the name of Jihad?

    Well, being an Atheist, i must say it took quite a bit of time to get to the point of being convinced that really, the whole bible stories, the entire thing about Jesus being lord and savior, heaven and hell, it took time to get those concepts out of my system. I had to use logic. I tried to ask, why would an all loving god want to punish me in eternal hell? Why must he be worshipped? I also took to reading a lot of material that made me realize that it is not even necessary to believe in gods. Gods have been a part of mans imaginations for a long long time. We can live without them.

    Now to what i do. I do not ridicule your god. But he deserves it. Thought i would not mind doing it, he needs ridicule. He is not a just guy. He is a murderer. He is the most unforgiving prick anyone could come across. He is too self centered. Let us say i expose the biblical contradictions and some of the fallacies that i see as apparent in the bible. I do this to help. I hope that folks like you and others Christians can be able to rid yourselves of the delusion god.

    Having said that, atheism gave me freedom, it rid me of fear. It made me free! And i am very happy living without gods.


  2. Kim (@2FingersKenya)
    December 18, 2012

    Dear Lillian,

    You are like someone who dreams and asks others to enter the same dream. Wake Up!


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