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The God Debate

The Kenyan Free Thinkers, a group that rejects the existence of a supernatural being, and promotes secularism, humanism, atheism and free thought, would want to request Higher Institutions of Learning like Universities and Colleges, and Religious Institutions that have a grasp in the field of theology to organize a debate on this important topic, which is shunned and despised by many.

We believe that there exists a major god assumption, and whenever it is challenged, we all run back to our faith. We feel it is high time Universities and Colleges, Churches and Religious groups in Kenya came together to organize a public debate on this important subject – the God Existence of God – so that we move it forward.

I am therefore welcoming anyone who has an interest in this area to get in touch with me, via so that we elevate this discussion to a debate.

Please share this widely so that it can get some attention in the Academic circles!


10 comments on “The God Debate

  1. Davi
    October 26, 2012



    • makagutu
      December 29, 2012

      Davi, you know the adage ‘hit and run’? Either you have a useful comment or you STFU!


  2. Carol Kamau
    November 1, 2012

    I challenge you to personally take the debate to even a higher level. To God Himself. We Christians do not need to speak or debate for God, He is well able to speak and debate for Himself. Remember the story of Elijah and the contest on Mt. Carmel. 1Kings 18:22-39. So I invite you before we debate on human level – that you do something that you may consider silly. Talk to this God who you consider non-existent and ask Him to reveal something about Himself to you. I will encourage you to also read the book of Job chapters 38-42. From there we can talk.


    • makagutu
      December 29, 2012

      If only he existed we would not need to have this debate Carol. The reason we must have this debate is because of people like you who insist he/she/it exists. We would like to hear your evidence or your reasons for thinking he exists and then we will share with you ours why we think he doesn’t exist that way we can make progress.


  3. j.w
    November 1, 2012

    Here is NON-BIBLICAL evidence for JESUS CHRIST


    • makagutu
      December 29, 2012

      j.w, i don’t have time for the video. what evidence do they say they have got? I didn’t hear it anywhere, it should have been big news. don’t you think?


      • jw
        December 31, 2012

        Hello there Makagutu. Its been a while sir! I trust you are well. The evidence I sited is based on the historicity of Jesus Christ from authentic non-biblical sources. Its been there all along and readily available to anyone who dared to objectively investigate. In a nut shell, it is an account ten different Official Roman & Greek Historians non of whom became Christians but lived with in 100 to 200 years of Jesus Christ. In there Historical record they attest of Jesus existence, teaching, miracles, crucifixion, death( and great darkness coming over the earth at His death which could not be accounted by a eclipse) and also the growth of the Christian faith based on claims of sightings of the resurrected Jesus Christ. By friend, I honestly believe that a sincerer quest for TRUTH entails carefully and objectively examining both sides of the argument and following where the evidence leads. Whether we like where it leads or not. That my friend is what i see lacking in most of the discussions we have heard with you and others. Anyway, the truth is out there for anyone who has an open mind to search it out! Happy new year my friend!


      • makagutu
        January 7, 2013

        you bet am well j.w [did you get my email]

        it would be interesting to know who this historians are, don’t you think? why do you say there is no sincerity in my part while i have tried in all my discussions with you to provide you with evidence that points to a historical jesus being mythical!


  4. jw
    January 8, 2013

    Makagutu, Sir, am not sure I got your email. What did you address! I agree that you have supplied what you consider evidence about Jesus Christ being mythical. But If you are honest enough, those so called authorities did not live even 100 yrs of the time it is said Jesus walked the earth. If you look at arguments about Jesus from the 1st and 2nd century nobody, cynic or believer alike disapproved His existence! All they argued about is His deity! Its only lately that some sincere but misinformed pple or worse, others with ulterior motives have tried to disapprove His very existence to no avail. Sadly they have duped millions including yourself. The same lie about evolution has been swallowed whole by millions . I believe by now I have tried to expose to you some of the outrageous & unscientific claims on evolution (if you are honest enough). Back to Jesus, just think about it. a 100 yrs from now it would be very difficult to disapprove your existence. Even if your family was not there, there would be at least someone who met someone who met someone who knew you! What about 2000yrs from now? it would be very very easy to disapprove your existence! Unless your life and actions were so newsworthy that they were recorded down by reliable journalists & quoted by university professors who did not necessarily have a stake in your course or agree with you! You will agree with me that if someone came 2000yrs from now and disapproved such accounts from up to 10 different reliable sources, even if he had the highest IQ in the world or was the foremost authority of history of his time would not be intellectually honest. This is the kind of evidence there is about Jesus Christ! Let me also correct your notion. It does not mean that even if someone was supplied with overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ that they would automatically believe in Him. After all Judas saw all the miracles He did but still betrayed Him! The pharisees actually so Lazarus who was raised from the dead & on whose account many were believing in Jesus but did they now become believers? No! In fact they wanted to get rid of Lazarus to stop the mass conversions! The reason why you and many others will cling to humanistic views and evolution regardless of their incredibility & unscientific basis is that deep down you do not want anyone to tell you what to do! You want to be our own boss! I know that even if I sufficiently answered all your questions, you will simply go fishing for another question! And if all the questions run out & you have made up your mind not to consider the evidence of Jesus, no one can make you! Not even God! This discussion is beyond matters cerebral it is a heart matter. A matter of conscience.


    • makagutu
      January 11, 2013

      the email i sent from gmail unless am confusing you for someone else who signs j on my blog.
      About a historical jesus, there have been many – I have heard of at least 7- except a Jesus of Nazareth now that is a long stretch.


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