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There is something wrong with the way Jesus and God think!

There is something wrong with Jesus, or God, or both. Mostly both. I just don’t like the way they think. Their line of thought must be questioned. Now that it is puported that they exist (i will assume they do), i want to delve a bit into their mindsets. How do these guys think? Really! What goes on in their brains? Guess what, i think these two guys are somewhere in the Cosmos hiding, enjoying, waiting for their big day, their grand come-back to earth, to collect their ‘FLOCK’, take them back to the cosmos. In the cosmos, they have apparently created a heaven and a hell, some burning hell. And in their grand plan, heaven and hell are just the ultimate thing. Thats the whole purpose why they even exist, to see a few guys burning in hell, and others enjoying in heave.

Their coming will be a show stopper! Trumpets, drums, songs, its gonna be a part folks!

What makes me wonder is that after creating the universe, the moon, stars, Sun, the planets, the galaxy and space, all they did was install some humans in one of those planets, bring in Jesus in to the MIX after a couple of years, then make him die just after 33 years on earth, and go back to the cosmos.  In the meantime, they have allowed some lousy, evil bastard called Satan to hang around earth and terrorize humans, so that we humans realize just how important these two guys are, Jesus and God.

Thats their thinking folks, thats how they think.

Remember, while at it, these two guys, Jehovah and his son, beloved son, (beloved son?), are virtually invisible. You will never figure them out. They exist, they manage a lot of worldly affairs but they have decided that we shall never get to know their true form, until the last day. In their thinking, this was the best way to manifest themselves, by being invisible. We hardly know their identities.

Is this thinking of these two rational? Isn’t it flawed? Even for those who have not had formal education in Kenya, it would not take much to conclude that Jesus and God are crazy!


2 comments on “There is something wrong with the way Jesus and God think!

  1. Drawde Business Solutions Consultants
    September 27, 2012

    Kenya Free Thinkers….I love that you understand about God and at least you believe. By writing this, its a show that some powerful spiritual manifestation has been put into your thinking.


  2. Harry
    September 27, 2012

    C’mon, don’t you see what i am doing? Satirising the deity? If you were a student of literature, you would see what i am attempting to do. Am trying to make Kenyans to think of the deity as someone that probably does not exist.


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