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Prayer does not work

Many people find it comforting to believe that someone else is looking out for them, watching over them, and guiding them gently through the path of life. Indeed, life would be so much simpler if someone else were responsible for our destiny, for countering evil with good, and for ensuring that caring people enjoy a comfortable afterlife. Many well-intentioned but misguided people will tell you prayer is the answer to the problems of the world. They’d have you believe that if only you pray often enough and hard enough, you can realize your most precious goals. Unfortunately, this is not reality. The untold suffering throughout the world should be evidence enough that no benevolent creator is watching over us, helping justice and fairness to triumph. People start wars, people abuse children and animals, and there’s no deity to prevent that. You are responsible for your own happiness, and you alone are responsible for your own successes and failures. Be an honest person for its own value – not from fear of spending an eternity in hell. Success in life requires hard work and logical thinking, and these are the values you must strive for.


One comment on “Prayer does not work

  1. j.w
    September 26, 2012

    My friend, If you consider prayer as a monologue, then I don’t blame you for your stand. Prayer is a DIALOGUE with the creator of the universe! I am a firm believer in prayer and my life has been irreparably positively transformed because of it. While I and many others are still perfectly logical and rational. I wish to correct your notion that people who believe in prayer think its the only solution to life’s problems. Prayer is very vital but that does not exempt us from acting when its clear what action we should take! if all we need is ourselves then i wonder why atheistic regimes like the soviet union collapsed before their leaders killing millions of their own people! My heart sincerely goes out to you guys because thinking you are enlightened and free are really deceived and bound! “(SATAN) the god OF THIS AGE HAS BLINDED THE MINDS OF UNBELIEVERS, SO THAT THEY CANNOT SEE THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL THAT DISPLAYS THE GLORY OF CHRIST, WHO IS THE IMAGE OF GOD.” 2Corinthians 4:4. May God open your eyes my friends! The claim of “FREEDOM & ENLIGHTENMENT” is not new at all! Its had been Satan’s bait since the beginning of the world. sadly many pple in every culture still take the bite! The main motivation for all this pple deep down their hearts is not even reason or free thinking but that they resent the idea of being answerable to GOD! That is the motivation. This is called REBELLION! That’s the motivation!


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