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The problem with humans: The FEAR of god(s)

I got stopped by the Traffic Police this weekend. The problem was mine, i used the wrong lane. But it was a goddamn weekend, in a goddamn estate, and i least expected those vultures to be around the corner. Had to part with 2k. But we still parted ways friends, and we even discussed the fact that i am and Atheist. And they found it pretty interesting. The first thing they asked is – where did i grow up, as in where was i raised? I did not see the relevance in this question. The two cops could not understand how a person would be raised by Christian parents and become an Atheist. They did not even know who an Atheist is. According to them, it was wrong to NOT believe in a god. It was un-African. It was part of the western culture. And i was becoming westernized.

Then it occurred to me, the problem with most Kenyans is that they fear God. They actually fear gods, like they fear ghosts. They fear that God will get annoyed with them if they proclaim that they don’t believe in him. God is seen as an entity that demands worship, and gets vexed if you deny, or even contemplate his lack of existence. Gods have for a long time been crafted by men as jealous, vindictive and emotional beings, capable of doing the worst if annoyed.

To get over this fear is not easy, especially if you have been indoctrinated to believing that you are a Muslim, Christian, SDA, Anglican, e.t.c. Your parents have a great influence in creating this gods for you, and giving you religious labels. In order to get over this fear, you have to accept that no form of punishment will come your way, no harm will happen to you, no god will get annoyed at you for rejecting him.

And this is my message today, think about it. Gods, if they exist, are not concerned with what men think of them. Let us start there, and then study the Bible and Quran, for what they truly are, and we shall come to the conclusion that gods do not exist. Take this step of courage, and you shall be on your path to freedom from religious slavery.

Get rid of the fear, folks!


One comment on “The problem with humans: The FEAR of god(s)

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