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Humanism Tenets

And these perceptions, then, do the humanists share:


1. That they live in a very real, physical world, with very real, tangible needs. They therefore must learn to not only exist, but also live, in prosperity and harmony, within this world. The pursuit of success, of rising above mediocrity, reign supreme then.


2. That this existence, this livelihood, is the only one that humanists have irrefutable evidence of. All other notions of another life, before or after this one, remain unverified. Humanists therefore strive to concentrate on this one life that they do actually possess. To them, concentrating on the afterlife is like ignoring – sacrificing, actually – a real substance, for the ethereal shadow that it casts.


3. That since all verifiable human experiences are entirely physical and empirical, humanists ignore any attempt at appealing to supernatural realms or entities. They hold forth the perception that if such non-physical entities exist, they don’t affect the physical world of humans, and hence can safely be ignored.


4. That morality, and the moral code, does not occur as a divine revelation. Rather, it is the culmination of lessons learnt from history, from personal experiences, and from objective thinking. Since human nature is essentially the same amongst all individuals, moral notions in every society ultimately coalesce into objective, practical sets of norms, regulations and laws.


5. That since morality and ingeniousness are fully contained within the human intellect, human beings can live ethical, prosperous, fulfilling and harmonious lives without any sort of religious beliefs.


6. That in this very real world, the highest, most noble duty that any human can perform is to the next person. Humans are co-existent in this world, sharing common experiences, common perceptions, common aspirations and, inevitably, common tribulations. Every single, miniscule action or thought directed towards making the overall human experience better is, hence, priceless.


7. That science provides the most reliable way of learning about this very real universe that we find ourselves in. Science, in this context, is not a body of information, but rather a way of knowing – one that has developed over eons of earnest trial and error, to its present state of efficiency.


8. That through the habit of critical thinking and free, uninhibited enquiry, the human society can increase its overall capabilities, improve interrelationships amongst the people therein, and ultimately make for a more synergistic livelihood.


9. That the realization that human beings are the ultimate stewards of their own lives carry with it a singular implication – that the amount of shape and meaning derived within each lifespan is the sole responsibility of the individual. Some people shape their destinies into kings and queens, while others settle for paupers and peasants.


10. That the ultimate destiny of all individuals depends on the extent to which they realize just how autonomous, intelligent, creative, unique, advantaged and resourceful they truly are. And hence, above everything else, the humanist treasures each and every new bit of information gained.

…For, indeed, the liberated mind knows no bounds.


About Joseph Wahome

A visionary, who believes that the sky is a wee bit below the limit... and that the limit is somewhere in deep space... beyond the Oort Cloud, even.

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