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The Church Should Waive Marriage Fees!

I really don’t know why the church charges some fees when two are coming together as one to get married. I understand that the Church has to run, get things going, electricity, water bills, etc pay some workers to clean those goddamn places of worship (after all, they worship an invisible god). I understand that the Church, just like any other business, needs to cover for operational costs. Indeed, you may want to know that being a pastor is not a calling. Who calls you anyway? That is a topic for another day.

Back to my discussion, so say you want to be married, as i know some of you are planning. You will pay the dowry (dowry should be scrapped!), you will pay the wedding planner, you will pay for your suits, you will pay the video editing dude, who will do a lousy job anyway! So why should the church charge you money, why should you pay the church for getting married? Especially a church you have been contributing tither like forever? Where is the holiness in this? You see, even as an Atheist, i would try to understand the whole concept of tithing. It is somewhere in the bible, though i consider the bible a book full of Jewish mythical ideologies.

In my view, when the church is bringing man and woman together, i think nobody should pay for such services. I hear the fees is 10,000 KShs for Catholic adherents. I don’t know about the others. But folks, this reduces the whole ceremony to a business venture by most churches, as opposed to a holy ceremony. In fact i think we need to SCRAP church weddings for that very reason. Yes, the government should make civil weddings the only legally accepted weddings, where the government validates the union through the registrar or something. Then it would impose a penalty for that, and we would understand.

The Church, by charging for weddings, is living up to its true reputation, which only i can talk about, of being no more than a business entity.


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