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Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex!

For centuries, Christianity has had an exceptionally unhealthy fixation on sex, to the exclusion of almost everything else (except power, money, and the infliction of cruelty). This stems from the numerous “thou shalt nots” relating to sex in the Bible. That the Ten Commandments contain a commandment forbidding the coveting of one’s neighbor’s wife, but do not even mention slavery, torture, or cruelty—which were abundantly common in the time the Commandments were written— speaks volumes about their writer’s preoccupation with sex (and women as property).

Look at what the Churches teach, they promote the concept of sex before marriage. Yet in reality, sex and marriage are not mutually exclusive. One does not follow from the other. And a child born out of a sexual relationship that was outside of a marriage is just as much a child as the one born within the marriage institution. We know for a fact that the concept of sex before marriage has become non-existent in our society today. But the Church still holds onto its old traditional Jewish obsession with sex matters. So for all of you who believe in this concept, drop it. Have sex, and marry because you love your partner, not because the Church says sex before marriage is wrong!

Today, judging from the pronouncements of many Christian leaders, one would think that “morality” consists solely of what one does in one’s bedroom. The Catholic Church is the prime example here, with its moral pronouncements rarely going beyond the matters of birth control and abortion (and with its moral emphasis seemingly entirely on those matters). Also note that the official Catholic view of sex—that it’s for the purpose of procreation only—reduces human sexual relations to those of brood animals. For more than a century the Catholic Church has also been the driving force behind efforts to prohibit access to birth control devices and information—to everyone, not just Catholics.

The Catholic Church, however, is far from alone in its sick obsession with sex. The Christian hate campaigns against homosexuals is another prominent manifestation of this perverse preoccupation. Condemnation of “sodomites” from church pulpits is still very, very common



One comment on “Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex!

  1. soviet
    August 10, 2012

    Harry I think you need to re-evaluate your assertions as most seen to be fleeting and hardly thought through. On what basis do you conclude that christianity is obsessed with sex?

    You also seem to equate all religious organisations that profess christianity to be christian and amalgamate their doctrines and practices to all christianity.

    Three you seem to think that if a practice has gained widespread acceptance, it should be considered mainstream and not something that remains wrong and condemed.

    All these among other rather frivolous assetions define your post here and it is rather sad.

    lastly if I may ask, Why are you so agry with God/ christianity? What is it that turned you agianst him? Yuo seem to be very angry. I personally think that you are not a true atheist. There those who actually have reasoned to the conclusion that God does not exist based on their most logical line of thinking. I just think you are not one of them.


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