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Petition: Religion should NOT be taught in KENYAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS

This petition is aimed at seeing public schools in Kenya teach children in a neutral, objective way about the different beliefs that different people have about gods, and leave it up to parents or churches to teach specific religious beliefs outside of school hours.

This, we believe will be good for the Kenyan society.

If achieved, this will bring children together (no segregation between Muslim child and Christian child) and teach them the normal subjects that have a basis in scientific fact, like mathematics and languages and history and critical thinking. It is important that children learn about different religious beliefs and help them to understand other beliefs and respect other people.

If in agreement, kindly sign this petition below, and SHARE with friends.


4 comments on “Petition: Religion should NOT be taught in KENYAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS

  1. Nduati
    August 6, 2012

    actually, it might be better to teach religion as a class BUT have every religion taught and not just CRE if you’re christian and IRE if you’re muslim.. every student to learn every religion..


  2. Steve
    August 9, 2012


    Ummm… but with so many religions in the world, how would there be any time left to teach anything else, if your suggestion was adopted?


  3. soviet
    August 10, 2012

    It is foolish to propose such a position. Such a practice will leav e a huge vacuum in the developmental proccess of our children. the religious studies tough in our schools teach well established principles and practices of morality, self governance, concepts of right and wrong, social and cultural positioning within society and life as a whole.

    Children not tought within the religious concept or framework will continually test the boundaries of authority, right or wrong, ideas of selfishness against selflessnes, respect both for others as well as themselves and many other socio-moral concepts tought in school through religious studies. Religion if not though in schools ina structured manner where there is uniformity of both text and intepretation then our children may very well not get these teachings from home or in church as these orgnisations are not well structured to teach and inculcate these concepts better than schools can.


    • makagutu
      August 11, 2012

      what do you fear soviet. if religion must be taught then it should be part of history or literature [fiction] since that would be it’s rightful place. children need to grow up without indoctrination of religious thought of any creed!


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