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The Best Religious Person

Have you ever met a person so religious that “God”, “Thank you, Jesus”, or ” Hallelujah” punctuates every sentence?  I love the positivity and assuredness in these individuals, but they scare me.  Inevitably, they will ask about where I go to church or which denomination I subscribe to.  I try to skirt the questions like a snow skier down a steep slope.  The questions like pine trees rushing at me at 150mph.  The laws of physics are not in my favor, however, and one of the questions is un-dodge-able.  There are two basic reactions to an atheist.  Pure terror, where they will run down the autobahn to get away from me, or the missionary.  The one eager to put a new born again or devotee under their belt.  So they start with the WHY.  Now the WHY is a difficult question to navigate because I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, nor do I want to convert or convince them of anything.  They are just so convinced that they are right that they feel ready for the challenge.  Most of the time I excuse myself from the conversation (which may give them a sense of satisfaction and affirmation, but who cares!), but sometimes I’m looking for a conversation.

I have compiled a list of 5 signs of a good religious conversationalist:

  1. If the person talks mostly about him/her self then you have a testimonialist, they are far more apt to suggest what God has done for them and not what God can do for you.
  2. If the person quotes the bible, they can go fact for fact with less emotional and more logical responses.
  3. If the person is a patient listener, they are more likely to ruminate over your responses than quickly snapping back with irrelevant remarks
  4. If the person is a firm believer in their religion they are less likely to become a “yes man” in the conversation and contribute to the dissemination of information on both sides.
  5. If the person has crossed from at least one religion, they may think more critically inciting a philosophical conversation.

Adversely, these five attributes make up the best atheists, too!  Peace!



2 comments on “The Best Religious Person

  1. makagutu
    August 3, 2012

    impressive! I like


  2. Steve
    August 9, 2012

    If so asked, I might be inclined to reply, “You have asked me a question that is intensely personal and private to me. I don’t know you well enough for you to presume that you can query me on this topic. (And thought but not spoken: And they should be thankful that I am charitable enough to allow that they are either grossly deluded, or horribly daft to ascribe to supernaturalism.)


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