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The pointlessness of Prayer!

Do you love praying? In Jesus name? Of course you do! You pray every morning for your family and friends, for good things to happen to your loved ones, and (by extension) bad things to happen to your enemies. Did you know that you are praying to a non-existent unknown supreme being – what a waste of time!
Timothy Jones once said “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he’ll starve to death while praying for a fish.”
Praying is key to most religions throughout the world. However, there are a number of fundamental contradictions, which if examines, make prayer pointless. Lets us give a quality of God that you are all aware of: He is all knowing. He knows that Harry (the Kenyan Atheist) shall post something on this blog today. And he knows you shall read it. He knows when you will die, what you will have for dinner today, when you shall get your next job. He is an all knowing God. That is what those goddamn pastors keep telling you, right?

But an all-knowing God doesn’t need to listen to prayers because HE knows everything. Praying is a completely pointless exercise since God (being all-knowing) knows exactly what you want, and has known since the nanosecond It created the universe.

Secondly, he (God) would have known your prayers before you were born. It has known everyone’s prayers since the dawn of creation till the end of creation. It would have known everyone’s prayers before It existed and will know all prayers even after It has ceased to exist. Why? Because to know everything is to know everything, even before and after you have existed.
Nonsense isn’t it! And yet millions of people actually believe this rubbish.
Praying is nothing more than strengthening one’s own moral and religious beliefs.


8 comments on “The pointlessness of Prayer!

  1. cornell
    August 1, 2012

    Harry, I think you have moved beyond irrational (so many unqualified and falsely premised assertions in your post) You are actually now bordering on delusional. Honestly, you are proving not worth engaging INTELLECTUALLY anymore.

    You are proving to be more emotional than rational. You are now embodying the very mindset that you’re trying to eradicate. That is both self-contradictory and self-defeating. I no longer (as a reasonable Christian) even need to respond to your claims anymore. They are sufficiently implosive.


  2. Harry
    August 1, 2012

    Hey, Cornell, you cannot possibly say that. I said prayer is pointless. I said that a God who is all knowing cannot possibly demand that we ask him to do stuff for us, and it is illogical anyway, even if we were to do so. You cannot therefore rubbish my post, unless you find it so true to respond to. And here, we are talking logic.


  3. Paul Karaimu
    August 1, 2012

    The point of prayer is communication between God and his children. Just as happens when in the process or relating to others we talk to them about things they already know. You cannot therefore argue that prayer is pointless because God knows everything as though prayer to a God who did not know everything would be a more plausible scenario.


  4. Kay
    August 1, 2012

    Er. Paul people pray to God to give them things they want. What on earth has that got to do with people discussing issues they already know about? Where’s the correlation? You people will say just about anything no matter how silly it sounds. Tsk

    Harry pray tell us (pun intended) what was “irrational” about the post? Its always funny to me when a religious person accuses a non-religious person of being irrational when discussing these matters. You’re the one that believes in a being you’ve never seen but you believe you talk to said being and it listens to you. Right.


  5. Nikii Apa
    August 1, 2012

    I got to comment on this now…Harry and Kay,there’s no way u can try and reason out with religious imbeciles who claim to communicate with God thro’ prayers.Isn’t that illogical even by the structural framing of it?It’s like praying for a meal that has been poisoned.Will God come and get rid of that poison?mmmh!surely,reasoning must be a virtue for some of us.


    • makagutu
      August 2, 2012

      Nikii you have made my day. Reasoning is a virtue


  6. soviet
    August 2, 2012

    For those who claim knowledge, there is surely alot of ignorance prevailing here.

    1. Human beings pray to God for their own sakes not God’s sake.

    2. Human beings do not know everything therefore they need to ask for what it is they want.

    3. Prayer isnt limited to asking God for things. It infact isnt the main purpose of prayer. prayer is mainly ment for worship.

    As to the implied logic that if God is all knowing and therefore all things both past present and future are set in stone and hence prayer is rendered meaningless, then resolve this argument please.

    a. If God, is God, he knows all.
    b. He also can change all.

    Therefore he knows all that can and will happen including what happened.He also can choose to change anything that may happen, will happen, can happen, did happen and everything in between. but if he knows all and can cange all, then can there be only one line of reality that we cant deviate and therefore prayer is rendered of no consequence (relalizing that this statment if held true then God would then cease to be God as he would then be not all powerful if he couldnt manipulate the set reality) or infinite lines of reality exist each rising from each minute influence on the decisions and requests we make and to which God sits at the nexus determining when to split each reality into another spinoff.

    This concept has been discussed extensively in quantum physics and in other areas of study including psycology, cosmology, physics, mathematics (probability). aLL I HAVE DONE IS SUPERIMPOSE GOD AT THE END OF THE CONCEPT AS THE ONE CONTROLING THIS PHENOMENA to show that to persue the argument that prayer is meaningless in the manner you have, is still an inadequate argument in SCIENTIFIC terms and you will have to get a better argument..

    If you make a fair assesment of the above, you will agree with me therefore that there is a reality within the perview of Gods (if they indeed exist) that escapes our perception of how things are and must be for surely the logic of the above argument quickly exposes our limitation as human beings of that which a God could not be allowed not to know understand on control if her were truly a God.

    it also does expand our realm of thought to equate a being with such ability to a God for a God could be no less.


  7. Steve
    August 9, 2012

    It’s the same as having to introduce yourself to a “true” mind reader….


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