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Christians don’t care so much about the afterlife!

Much as Christians walk around proclaiming the name of Jesus, some saying that Jesus has saved me, am baptized, glory be to god, i am now a child of god, my book has been written in the goddamn book of life, the reality is that most Christians never believe in life after death, in the absurd ideology of everlasting life.

Think about it folks, when you last went for a funeral, did it occur to you that this dead Christian guy is on his way to heaven, were you happy that he is dead? Did you rejoice? That he lived a life of Christ? Or do you get saddened by the sudden demise of your Christian friend? The fact is that much as we are Christians, really we never think of the after life that much.

When is the last time you wondered what your grandmother is doing in heaven or hell? Does it bother you? If it doesn’t, why do Christians want us to think that the most important thing in this life is to worship and praise god, and his lousy son Jesus, in order that they find us worthy of heaven? This is an important question folks! Do Christians look forward to death? They don’t. Atheists are less concerned with death, since they don’t believe in the afterlife. And that suits us just well. Christians and Muslims on the other hand, purport to be so concerned with matters of the afterlife, as witnessed in the preachings by the fake pastors..

The truth is – Christians, just like Atheists, don’t really give a damn about heaven or hell. It is not as important to them as they want us to believe.


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