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High Court Petition – Miracle Churches Must Be Stopped!

Dear Friends,
On behalf of the many Kenyans who have suffered financial and emotional loss in the name of going to church to be prayed for and healed by pastors who, as far as i am concerned are con-men taking advantage of the ignorant and gullible masses, i will lodge a petition in the High Court seeking to challenge the registration process and regulation of churches in Kenya under the Societies Act.

It is my view that time has come for churches to be questioned, regulated and monitored. If you think of the many Kenyans who are hoping against hope that their children shall be healed by the so called miracle pastors, then you start seeing how important the suit is.

Folks, this is an important suit, which is in the public interest. It is time we saved the men and women of Kenya from exploitation by the Church.

The draft suit shall be published on this website on the 25th July 2012 for all to acquaint themselves with it.

If you want to participate in this very important suit, call me on 0728 582 317 or email

Let us work together and change Kenya.


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