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Pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries – Lessons learnt!

Folks, the expose by Nation Media group on the rogue Pastor, a pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries (it has to be fire ministries), where he literary paid prostitutes to demonstrate a false miracle should be an eye opener for all Kenyans.

There are three messages that come out:

Miracles do not work
Prayers do not work
All Pastors are the same

Now you may want to differ with me, but miracles are just a way that Pastors use to demonstrate the existence of an imaginary god, work on your gullible lack of understanding of the supernatural and fleece you of your cash. It doesn’t matter what you are told, miracles DO NOT HAPPEN. We do not have any supernatural elements operating in the metaphysical world that manage our affairs. Ok? I hope this is an eye opener. If some goddamn Pastor comes to you and tells you that you got that job because it was the hand of god, please dismiss him with contempt. Kenyans, please wake up and stop being hoodwinked by religious leaders – you just need to ask yourselves, how come these pastors do not visit cancer wards at Kenyatta Hospital to heal?

Another thing, PRAYERS do not WORK! If you keep praying, you will agree with me that you have never quite witnessed the outcome of that futile exercise. But if you want to fall prey to the likes of pastor Njoroge, continue believing in prayer. All i keep telling Kenyans is – just manage your affairs without prayer, and all will be fine. We all go through problems, even the Atheist does have issues. But i have learnt to live without prayer, and gods, and Jesus, and life has never been more fulfilling. Prayers don’t work.

Finally, all pastors are the same. By pastors, i mean priests, fathers, bishops, cardinals. They are all humans, claiming to be ordained to spread the word. These are just goddamn humans. They have no authority to preach anything to a fellow human. They call themselves men of god. Anybody who calls himself a pastor is a liar, or a confused human full of delusion, or a conman. For a simple reason: Why would god choose any human to spread his word? Why not just come and do it himself? Forget Jesus, he was just another pastor. NEVER trust anyone calling himself a pastor. OK?


9 comments on “Pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries – Lessons learnt!

  1. muriungujoshua
    July 23, 2012

    ooh gd thing hav known you past!


  2. Harry
    July 23, 2012

    What do you mean Joshua?


  3. cornell
    July 24, 2012

    I believe it is Saint Augustine who said “Never judge a philosophy by its abuse.”

    Meanwhile, “Miracles do not work,” “Prayers do not work,” and “All Pastors are the same.” are conclusions that cannot be logically drawn from the premise of this single story (incident).

    It looks bad when you try to make a case for free thinkers’ rationality (and against religious irrationality) by making an irrational argument like this one.

    My advice, Harry, is that you should try to slow down and develop serious syllogisms that are not merely sweeping statements that make grotesque assumptions. Eventually, what comes out is your passion rather than your argument and I don’t think that helps your case. Don’t be in such a hurry, Harry. 🙂


  4. Hannah Muthoni
    July 31, 2012

    prayers work, God answers prayers, Jesus is the son of God, whether you believe it or not, the fact that a pastor decides to misbehave has nothing to do with God being for real or not, i used to be like you, thought all pastors were cons and the bible was a story book, but I decided to find out for sure, I am a seeker of the truth, and God revealed Himself to me and I challenge you to do the same, He is no respecter of persons, ask Him sincerely and then talk about what you know for sure.


    • makagutu
      July 31, 2012

      ms muthoni, you say you’re a seeker of truth and then make sweeping statements like jesus is the son of god and what not and that god revealed himself/herself/itself to you. Can you describe the god you saw?
      Do you have proof on any of the above statements. I think you should have continued to read the bible as a story book. It would have been more useful as such than as a holy book


  5. KATE
    August 8, 2012

    Prayers work, miracles also happen and all Pastors are not the same. You need to understand that you were created by God and there is a God in heaven who also lives in the hearts of men who have invited Him into their lives. You need to know that there is eternal life and eternal fire, it’s you to choose where you want to spend eternity, either with Jesus the son of God or with the devil the father of all lies. Heaven is real and hell is also real! My prayer to you is that you may know the truth and the truth will set you free! YOU NEED JESUS, AND HE WILL BE ENOUGH FOR YOU!


    • Harry
      August 9, 2012

      Kate, how has PRAYER ever helped you? Give me instances when you prayed and it actually worked!


  6. Douglas
    August 18, 2012

    The fact that some pastors or even all are conmen does not mean that God does not exist. The propagada and evil confusion. The use of gospel to colonise and evil power to confuse masses has caused the doubt that God exists. I believe beyond doubt that God exists and evil too. There may be many units in both cases. The powers people use are captured on both evil and good spirits. The foreighn religeons including the famous have corrupted our traditional interaction with god which was not corruptable because we understood it better. You may be happy without prayer or any interaction with god but the moment you will meet a spiritual being, you will know why people pray. From history, spirits exists, both good and bad, you choose which to interact with.


  7. amy
    April 9, 2014

    Kenya is currently full of rogue pastors especially the pentecostal ones. I read of a senior pastor who was carjacked and robbed of a gun amongst other things. I could not help but wonder what he was doing with the gun and how he intended to use it.
    The Bible clearly tells Christians not to revenge so he cannot cite self defense.
    My point is the Kenyan church is misrepresenting Christ.
    You say you promote free thinking and questioning and all that. Take the challenge offered above and do it like you would do a scientific experiment.
    Ask God to reveal himself to you, read the Bible and ask God to help you understand.


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