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You can be good without god!

Whenever i come across friends and colleagues, and i tell them i am an Atheist, the first question i get is: So what do you believe in? Where do you think you came from? What do you do when things go wrong? Who do you turn to?

To most of the Christians, God, Jesus and the Angels provide some sort of fall back position, some shoulder to lean on, they give you hope, and ultimately something to look forward to after death. The view that God created us makes God the perfect starting point for everything. Fair enough. But then again, you can have hope, in this life, without the idea of God. You can live your life without worrying so much about God, and whether he is happy with you or not. The pastors have for a long time preached that your life has to incorporate god in it. That is why we waste lots of time in the churches and mosques praying. I find prayer ultimately futile, folks.

(Please note that when i use capital ‘G’ for God, i actually imply ‘g’, hence god – to reflect the imaginary concept).

Well, so how do you live without gods? Or Jesus? Simple. Be a humane. Be good. Be compassionate. Look at what is best for yourself as well as the greater good for others. In times of challenges in life, look for practicable and workable solutions. Don’t turn to god. Talk to friends who have been through such problems, and you will find a solution. If you are sick, go to hospital, if you are overweight, visit the gym. Eat vegetables. If it makes you feel good to dress sharply, dress sharply. You don’t need god and Jesus to look sharp. By the way there was this christian girl i was interested in some time back, and i was told not to dare by the pastor of her church, because i was of a different seed. I told them i am an Atheist. Some goddamn pastors!

The pastors and sheikhs have misled us for a long time, by connecting morality to god, goodness to god. It is a new day, time to tell it as it is. Humanity does not need god to be good. We don’t need Jesus, nor Mohammed, to be good either.


2 comments on “You can be good without god!

  1. Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok
    July 31, 2012

    Very good point! You do not need religion to be a good person (I don’t agree that we don’t need God/Spirit/Creator/Whatever you wanna call it, but that’s ok, as I feel we are fighting the same battle with different words), and the sooner people realise that holy books are simply practical as well as holy, the sooner we’ll be able to make peace with people of all walks of life – as opposed to modern crusades of “I’m right, you’re wrong”.


  2. amy
    April 9, 2014

    Am a Christian and I totally agree with you. You can be good,nice,successful,charismatic,excellent and all those. You can be all those things on your own because they are innate human abilities.
    You however need God to be righteous. Good caters to the supernatural part of you which you do not believe exists but it does.


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