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What exactly does it mean to be a SINNER?

Let me ask you Kenyans, you have gone to school, college and campus to be taught how to think. That is what its all about. You are supposed to be thinkers. Free thinkers if i may add. So why do you accept to be labelled sinners by these men of god? Who has the right to call anyone a sinner? Why should anyone make us feel guilty for nothing? Why do pastors do this, the popes and the priests? Who is a sinner? Why should we accept such tags?

I ask this because the first thing a pastor will tell you is that you are a sinner. Then he opens Romans 3: 23. Then the guilt sets in, then you get saved, and Jesus becomes your personal savior. What bullsh*t is this?

I want to ask the Pastors and the church goers in Kenya, what is a sin? How am i a sinner, in the practical sense? And if i am a sinner, what makes you think that a three minute prayer, to have you get saved, now makes you ‘white as snow’ and hence different from me?

Answer me!


11 comments on “What exactly does it mean to be a SINNER?

  1. j.w
    July 20, 2012

    Hello sir, I sincerely admire your endevour to think freely and to challenge fellow Kenyans and the world to actually think. We indeed need that. Just to make an attempt to answer your question about sin. In my understanding of the Bible, EVERYBODY is a sinner . Not just non-pastors or non-christians for that matter. Sin simply means breaking Gods law or missing the mark. Or else how does one explain that non of us was ever taught to tell, lies, to take stuff that is not ours, to be selfish, to sexually desire pple that are neither our wives or husbands. We are all inherently sinful my brother. Malcolm Muggeridge a world renowned journalist once said”The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.”


  2. Harry
    July 20, 2012

    Good. Explain the part where you get your sins forgiven. At what point does this happen? And once it happens, do any subsequent sins count?


    • j.w
      July 24, 2012

      Hi again sir, Please allow me attempt to explain the issue of forgiveness of sin that you have raised. I know your approach is that God does not exist. Please just assume for a moment that He does exist and allow me to explain what I consider to be the rationality of forgiveness of sin. First of all I am a science enthusiast and have pursued biological sciences it to post graduate level. I would like to suggest to you that evolution does not account for the presence of MORALITY, JUSTICE, LOVE etc in humans. And this is what sets us apart from other organisms. Hence being in God’s image. Other organisms no matter how far or close they are genetically to humans are primarily driven by INSTINCT. Hence I believe that God exists and is a God of JUSTICE. But He is also a God of MERCY and LOVE. When you think about it. JUSTICE & MERCY seem to be mutually exclusive. I mean If a murderer and rapist is brought before a judge. For us to consider the judge to be JUST, he cannot set the criminal free! Yet If he is merciful he would be tempted to set him free. Hence the dilemma of JUSTICE & MERCY coexisting! We have established that man is sinful. So How would He intervene in MERCY and yet still maintain JUSTICE? This brings me to the man JESUS. Please hear me out on this. First it is an established historical fact that Jesus was a historical figure. Its interesting that when you objectively research you will find out that there is more historical proof both from secular and religious historians on the existence of Jesus than there is for JULIUS CAESAR, ARISTOTLE, SOCRATES, PLATO & even ALEXANDER THE GREAT! Yet nobody doubts the existence of these or of they words. When Jesus walked the earth,He made statements that no other historical (Not mythical) figure has ever made. Among these statements are;
      2) HE IS EQUAL TO GOD (JOHN 10:30-33)
      6) HE LIVED A PERFECT AND SINLESS LIFE. (JOHN 8:46, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22)

      It is a Historical fact that 11 out of the 12 disciples were actually killed. Not just for blind faith, but because they could not refute what they saw and witnessed! Two of His closest disciples wrote to this effect in (2PETER 1:16 &1JOHN 1;1-3).
      Now to answer your question on how our sins are forgiven, The Bible teaches that we should acknowledge our sin (CONFESSION) & repent of them. Them we should accept the redemptive work of Christ done on the cross.Then allow Him to help us live the way God would want us to live. This means studying His word, communing with him in prayer and also be a part of a fellowship of believers(Sober believers though because there are many fraudsters out there)


      • makagutu
        July 24, 2012

        Hello j.w,
        I will start by saying you are misleading the public when you say there is more historical proof for the existence of jesus both in the secular & christian world than for example Socrates, Plato or Alexander the Great. I don’t think there has been contention on whether the guys you have mentioned did live. The words of Socrates are seen in the dialogues he had with Plato among others.
        Have you looked at the non christian evidence for the existence of jesus and what they had to say about his person and his followers?
        When you say it is a historical fact, you mean there is verifiable evidence of the same? is there non biblical reference of the same? can you share it with us so we are enlightened? ultimately we are learning from one another.
        Mercy and justice cannot be attributes of the same entity, unless you are saying there are two persons.
        Unless the authenticity of the bible is irrefutably verified am not going to comment on what you claim jesus said or did not say.


      • j.w
        July 25, 2012

        Please allow me to clarify that the same way contemporaries of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle recorded their dialogues, equally Jesus contemporaries recorded His words and deeds, Case in point, Matthew & John who were both His disciples Wrote the gospels bearing their names. The gospel was mark (Which was the first, was written by John Mark as was narrated by Peter of whom he was a personal assistant. The only Gospel not directly involved by one of the 12 was Luke. Luke was a personal physician to Paul and he was also a contemporary of the twelve. Once again i am not misleading by saying that their are non- Christian sources that corroborate the life, words, death and resurrection of Jesus. One example is FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS. among others. Just do your own objective unbiased research.


      • makagutu
        July 31, 2012

        my friend i have read what josephus wrote. I’ve read widely on what other apologetics have said and i can tell you without fear of contradiction that jesus the christ did not exist. The statement attributed to josephus has been said to be a later addition by christian apologetics. It’s one paragraph in a whole book! I advice you to go beyond apologetics in your search for knowledge. As a favour i’ll refer you to a book when am in a position to(am away from my computer so i can’t access the book)


    • j.w
      July 24, 2012

      Yes, God forgives both past present and future sins. You should remember that the concept of time does not confine God. He lives in eternity. As one can say “A big now!” The only thing is that God would want us to choose freely to live for Him. Out of love for Him. So To God there is no past present and future. That only applies to us!


  3. Omary
    July 20, 2012

    Hello free thinkers.I wonder why do you bother to ask questions which you have already prepared your own answers affirming your own free thinking world?What are you trying to prove?What is your purpose for doing so?First, ask a question and then let us give you the answer to your question but don’t provide us with a question followed with your own selfish answer.


    • makagutu
      July 22, 2012

      Omary that said, can you still give an answer different from what he has said? Harry has expressed his thoughts on the matter. it is only fair that you express yours


  4. Harry
    July 23, 2012

    Omary, answer the question.


    • Jamal
      July 26, 2012

      Harry, this is no place for killing time with Christian apologetics!


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