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Jesus deserves no respect!

Jesus deserves no respect. He deserves no respect at all. That Jewish man, in whose name miracles are performed, prayers are done, worship is done, deserves no respect because of his apparent incompetence in solving the problems of the world, his selective fashion in which he answers prayers, or his contribution towards creating confusion in the world. Lets look at it this way: You have been looking for a job, and you prayed to Jesus, that Jew, and for some strange reason you landed the job. By the way i never prayed for the job i have (paradox). Upon getting your goddamn appointment letter, you will go to church, meet your church pastor and thank Jesus for this wonderful outcome. Jesus worked in in mysterious ways to get you a job, you will say. You will then start preaching that Jesus is lord, he saves, nini nini. Well, good enough.

But there is this guy who literary carries the bible daily, praying for days on end to get food. Not a job. The basic need of food. And it would take some secular N.G.Os to provide food and assistance to this man. Some gay donors will come and donate food to this persons family. There is this cancer patient who is prayed for in the name of Jesus, with the same force, for healing. But he dies because the cancer suddenly becomes active. How does one explain this selective approach to solving the problems of the world?

This questions were posed to the Christians by the Kenyan Free Thinkers (whom i want to thank for coming to the KFT meeting) during the God debate last Saturday. Then they said that god works in mysterious ways. Then why worship him? Is it so that his mysterious ways are favorable to you?

In my view, Jesus, because of the selective approach he uses to solve problems of the earth, deserves no respect at all, by any man.


One comment on “Jesus deserves no respect!

  1. cornell
    July 16, 2012

    I remember when I was about 10 years old. I went into my dad’s workshop and asked if I could borrow his pliers. He declined. I didn’t think much about it. However, as I was leaving, my twin brother came in and asked for the same tool because we were actually going to use it for the same task anyway. My dad quickly gave it to him. I couldn’t believe it. Several theories and explanations sprang into my head. Perhaps my dad loved my brother more than me. Perhaps I had done something to offend my dad. The more I thought about it, the more I hated my dad. Indeed, he deserved no respect.

    Later on, I swallowed my pride and asked my dad why he gave my brother the very tool he had declined to give me the pliers. He explained patiently, “Son, you’re pronouncing it wrong, that’s not how you pronounce pliers.” (I had pronounced it as “plais” instead of “plaiaz”).

    I was so frustrated. That’s why he didn’t give it to me? Why couldn’t he simply have told me that? Then I remembered that my dad had taught both me and my brother the pronunciation. I just wasn’t paying attention, and dad was more concerned about teaching me to be a better listener rather than simply correcting mistakes which resulted from my poor listening habits. Indeed, he works in mysterious ways, this dad of mine.


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