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Must God be Worshiped?

This may look like a silly question. But think about it, must a god, or god, or God be worshiped? Must he be praised? Must he be exalted? Am assuming that he created all of us, and put us on earth, lovingly. Knowing that we shall die, and probably meet him again on the day of judgement, must we really bother with him for the time that we are here? Put another way, must he bother with what we do for only a maximum of 80 years? Am asking this because in my view, if truly gods exist, then they can pre-occupy themselves with other things in heaven, instead of focusing on the earth, and watching to see how many humans are worshiping, praising, praying to him.
If you allow yourself to think outside the box (earth), you realize that a god’s only pre-occupation cannot be man, who lives in one of the many planets, the earth, in the entire universe. Surely, god has a lot of things to do with the universe. Adjusting the position of the planets would be one nice thing. Re-modelling the size of the stars, the sun, folks, that would keep him busy enough. He could even experiment with some weird creatures in some other planet. It does not make sense to imagine that this god of the Christians and Muslims has only one focus: to be worshiped by the men and women of the world, of earth!

These are some of the philosophical questions that i hope you will ask when you go to Church this coming Sunday. Think about it, the idea that because somebody created you, an placed you in one insignificant planet, that he must be worshiped is absurd. Being alive in the first place was nobody’s choice, and its not a favor. This world has way too many problems goddammit!


10 comments on “Must God be Worshiped?

  1. Noel
    July 13, 2012

    Harry this is interesting.


    • Harry
      July 13, 2012

      Yeah, i am trying to think outside the box, and help many Kenyan think as well.


  2. Willies Ochola
    July 13, 2012

    Well, as you may be aware Harry, we(all Human Beings) have a nature to adore/be adored… this means that you can onlg give what you have. That is why Superstars/models/politicians etc have massive ”fan” base and support? Why is this? Another example is just look at Justin beiber, he has a huge following as a teen sensation on his twitter feed even more than the US president…!!(that means he/she can Influence or is already influencial) This common nature of adoration/to be adored comes from somewhere, well to you its somewhere, to others its from God… just as you find it intresting that some pple are adoring God, there are some people who find it intresting why someone adores say Lady Gaga? Does lady gaga know this person, lets even bring it closer, there are people who adore our local politicians to death, Why? Why would i adore someone else? Nature/Nurture? Chance??

    According to the Constitution (Bible) we are created in God’s Image gen 1:26-29,now if you have a child that is from your loins, you know very well that this child represents all of you, and that child is your concern for a major part of your life, so again where did that come from..Chance/Nature/nurture??/Responsible Parent? because you can choose not to be a parent and also choose to sire a child…. You decide….


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      Willies with all due respect, i find your arguments simplistic and the analogies you give irrelevant in any case. when fans adore beiber or lady gaga they expect nothing in return. they just love their music or their dressing or whatever else it is they like on the other hand those of you worshipping god[s] expect miracles in your lives and eventually a place in heaven.
      how would you quote the bible as evidence in an argument?


  3. samuel likoye
    July 13, 2012

    an eye opener at last.


  4. Muraguri
    July 13, 2012

    Thinking about it, is the Judgement day the day you die or is it a day in the far far future that the Abrahamic god(s) reserve when every creature will be judged? Where do the “souls” of the dying wait? In a sort of limbo or purgatory?


  5. Mksms
    July 13, 2012

    Yes, God, MUST be worshiped. That is the essence of Godliness. For those who do not want to worship they need to erase also the concept or being of God in their lives, their thoughts, their doings, their destiny, their past and their present.

    In as much as one has a god or God existing in any corner of their lives, whether dark corners or bright alleys, then they will find themselves worshiping that being. Why? I will find time to give a detail philosophical answer to match with the question. But, the simplest reasons is from Willies’s explanation above. It is a starting point of the worship concept from a human point of view.

    By for now. Today is sabbath too, the day the God of Creation rested. Welcome


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      Does a god[s] exist in the first place to be worshipped? i have erased the concept of god as you say and he doesn’t appear anywhere in how my affairs run for that matter.
      am waiting for the philosophical answer. make it available sooner if you may.


  6. Kuria
    July 21, 2012

    This really is a fascinating read, and I’m glad that people are asking what I think are important questions. It is easy to believe everything we are told whole heartedly and not give it any conscious thought, so this is good.

    My challenge with is is that you the question doesn’t seem to be asked for knowledge’s sake, but rather, to re-inforce a position already reached. If it was for knowledge sake, it would have no conclusions and be open-ended, inviting meaningful convo around it. As we battle with issues we seem to have no answers to, it is incumbent on those seeking after truth to contend with options. We need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I’m very interested in negotiating this topic, but I appreciate that to find answers, you must ask questions. Here is mine. What is our understanding of the word “worship” as used in this context? Obviously our understanding of the word ‘worship’ impacts our entire conversation.


  7. Harry
    July 21, 2012

    I think worship is blind adoration of an unknown power for unknown reasons.


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