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Jesus – Lazarus Story Just Not Adding Up!

Yeah yeah yeah … we all know how miraculous it sounds, how mysterious it must have looked in the times of Jesus when he purportedly raised Lazarus from the dead. This story has made me ask whether Lazarus was really raised from the dead. Did this miracle really happen? You see, the sisters of Lazarus, one of whom was the girlfriend of Jesus – i am talking of Mary Magdalene – and Martha told Jesus that the brother was sick. When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had already been dead and in the tomb for four days. Of course Jesus went and called him loudly, and we are told Lazarus woke up from the dead. Though he died again anyway, so much for raising someone from the dead.

Now, first things first. Why didn’t Jesus raise the thousands at that time who were dying from diseases and so on? This miracle is the kind that sets off a frenzy of activity in any village! Why did it not stir up so much activity? Raising someone from the dead is no mean task! This is a significant question. Remember the Loliongo story in Tanzania? The Loliongo guy was said to be possessing some drink that could heal HIV. Then what happened? Everyone was trooping to TZ. There was pandemonium, melee, mayhem, drama etc etc. That is what miracles such as these should do. You see, if Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and i was alive at that time, if my bro was about to die, i would just tell him to go ahead and die. I’d go like die goddammit! Die! Then i simply give Jesus a call “Hey dude, my bro is dead, you’ve got some work to do, come over quick!”

Indeed if Lazarus arose from the dead, he would debut in Citizen Prime TV, hosted by Julie Gichuru, with the public asking all sorts of question. How it felt resurrecting, how was it like dead!

Surely if Lazarus was raised from the dead, then it would make sense for the Jews to take other dead bodies to Jesus. This story is not adding up!

Let me address another gap of this story. Look at what Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” So did Lazarus live forever? No, he died. So what was the purpose of this miracle? Why spend all your energy raising somebody from the dead, then allow the guy to die anyway?

Finally, the documentation about Lazarus should have been more elaborate. The Biologists at that time should have done some SCANS, X-Rays, nini nini to just ascertain that this miracle actually took place. I wish it could happen now. We would not let it just pass.

Conclusion: the writers of the bible just included that story to add to the mystery surrounding the man Jesus, nothing more.



9 comments on “Jesus – Lazarus Story Just Not Adding Up!

  1. David
    June 25, 2012

    unless you know why Jesus did things in a certain way you can’t believe the Gospel. first you doubt cozwhy did he not raise thousands who were sick at the time. second why it not raise a frenzy of activity. third if Jesus the resurrection why did Lazarus have to die again. first.the Bible does not list Jesus miracle as main reason for his coming Mathew 20:28 tho he did more than wat was written Act 10:34,38 john20:30,31 so he must have done more than we know.second..thing ! read the account. john11:45-48 the frenzy would have caused people wanting to kill before certain Scriptures are fullfied( ask which ) and all miracle he did had purpose john11:4 especially this particular one.


  2. David
    June 25, 2012

    first .whys didn’t Jesus raise thousands! he had enemies among religious leaders chief priests who sided with politicians to stop him from doing it.john11:46-48 at Lazarus. anyone who talked positive about him would be excommunicated it would be seditious. whys did he say his resurrection yet Lazarus died! Jesus miracles were a shadow of what he will do in his kingdom where death will not be john5:28,29,Rev21:3,4 death will go forever at this. worldwide scale. forth there was such a thing as cray and scan in those days. lastly word didn’t move first as loliondo tz case coz lack media such as TVs phones and so forth so information didn’t move much.


  3. Harry
    June 26, 2012

    Hey David, thanks for your response. Do you really believe in the story of Lazarus? Can you come for one of our meetings so that we talk?


    • David
      July 10, 2012

      I believe totally @Harry I know quite enough about atheism the pioneers who believe every scIentic finding is absolutely correct with no question. Do you know that 1400bc moses wrote in job 26:7 the earth is hanging on nothing athing science agreed in the 19 century.after years of speculation.


      • Noel
        July 16, 2012

        David, you say moses wrote in Job? I would encourage to read a bit and to stop relying on that bible of yours for evidence of anything


      • David
        July 17, 2012

        @ Noel what bit do mean i have compared science n bible quite
        On this one its a fact scientist agreed the was correct. If you think that wasn’t enough then come up and challenge what am writing with your “bit” . What am reading onyour site only shows little knowledge of bible.


      • Noel
        July 19, 2012

        Dadid, so you say what you see on this site is a little knowledge of the bible. And you mention here scientist agree that the bible is correct. i think when you make such a claim it’s only fair when you quote the source or include a link that we can verify. as it stands now it’s a claim you are making without a basis in fact or evidence. so please show me the evidence.
        I on the other hand wouldn’t want to come with a challenge, but i would suggest that you make a claim and i will gladly show you where and why you are wrong. so the challenge is on. bring all you have


    • David
      July 10, 2012

      We can still communicate over the net post your question on my facebook.


  4. Jesse M Godines Jr
    March 29, 2017

    I say this with respect, you are just as the blind men in the bible. But how can you explain color to a blind man? FOCUS ON THE PARABLES. Put Yourself in the feet of the characters. Try to look pass your worldly thinking sir. This just shows how little you truly know the true meaning of the Words. You got to read between the lines. That why Jesus spoke in parables…


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