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Do angels really have wings?


As far as I know, the kingdom of god (yes, the kingdom where he is said to be king, and sits on a throne) has a Jesus sitting on his right hand side, and a bunch of angels, some busy writting names of the saved ones in the book of life, while others busy pleading with god to reconsider his various punishments for the humans who so obviously keep sinning against him. I mean it is a frenzy in heaven. A goddamn state of endless communication. This kingdom must be a busy place, if you think of it.

Now, these angels in heaven must be quite numerous. They must be in their millions. In terms of looks, at least the way the bible potrays them, they are brown-skinned, long-haired and winged characters. And they are male. Like angel Gabriel. He is male, right. Meaning he has male organs, which begs the question of whether there are female angels.

You have probably never given it a deep thought. Some of you confused Christians and Muslims I’m sure believe that these angels are always next to you, flying everywhere you go to protect you against the devil, who, being an angel, obvously also has wings. This protection is what makes you talk of faith. That goddamn word. I want an answer from the theologists, the saved, the Muslims, who is an angel? I hear they are servants of god. But who are they? Aren’t they simply imaginations and creations of the believers? Do they have wings? Do they fly? Why do they fly? Do they therefore use the rules of aerodynamics?

As we know, once you have wings, there must be some sort of aerodynamics, in order for you to fly. The wings are streamlined to deal witih the various pressures when flying, so as to airlift the body. Do angels have wings? Do they fly? And why must angels fly? Do they need wings? Is there air in heaven to allow angels to fly?

Is it not the greatest form of absurd imagination to ever have been created by humans? And if we have created angels, haven’t we also created god?

Let me hear from you!


2 comments on “Do angels really have wings?

  1. David
    June 25, 2012

    it’s wrong to take it literally that Angels write names the Bible doesnt say write anywhere that they do.but it says God write names of faithful in book of life (though we know it’s figurative (since he never forget nor he has a pen literally ) it doesn’t also says that angel plead with God to forgive human everytime they transgress it says that everyone we be answerable form the sin he does while alive on earth. it says that they rejoice whenever a sinner repent. . as do the wings the Bible uses the language we understand so as to it easy. otherwise does the angel a. creature with a spirit need wind and aerodynamic the answer is no.YOU COULD NOT COMPREHEND HEAVENLY LANGUAGE SO APPRECIATE WHAT GOD HAS DONE TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND.


  2. amy
    May 27, 2014

    The Bible says angels have wings so yea I believe they do.
    As for aerodynamics, I believe God created the earth, everything in it and all its aspects. That means all the things scientists have discovered, God made them, including aerodynamics so maybe the angels do fly by aerodynamics.
    Aethists assume that the things science has come up with are independent of our God so they give science as one of the reasons for their non belief.
    Science creates nothing new. It simply makes use of what God created. Science utilizes Gods creation and its various aspects and properties to do what it does.
    A scientist did not make electricity or X rays or magnetism or any other scientific invention. Scientists simply discovered it.
    The reason why electricity was not there in like the fifth century is because it had not been discovered. It was still there and happening.
    God created all these things with their various properties which we make use of to come up with inventions.


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