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Killing of Jesus Was Justified – To Some Extent

I will start by acknowledging that being an Atheist, I find it interesting when forum members assign me all sorts of labels. Some have called me an evil spirit, an anti-Christ ( I don’t know what this is), the devil, some have recommended I see Dr. Frank Njenga (implying that I’m insane). Some have even suggested that I grew up not being loved by my parents. All these are attributions, and I accept them. But well, that is what religion does to people. It blinds them even from what is supposed to be a rational discourse.

Then again, some think that it is wrong to attack religion. That when you touch god, Jesus or Mohammed, it is wrong. I kind of agree with the Jews who killed Jesus. Because Jesus was a big big joke. How does a guy wake up and start claiming he is god? He chooses 12 disciples, none of whom is a woman (talk of gender imbalance) then comes to Jerusalem, cheats them that he was born of a virgin, cheats them that he is a messiah, cheats them that he performs miracles, just like our pastors do today. He purports to cast demons away, heal the sick, the blind, the deaf. The Jews were humanists, and they knew very well that these things cannot happen. The worst of all, Jesus tells the Jews to believe in him. That he is the son of god. It is wrong for such fraud to take place in broad daylight. And any government, any administration would try to stop such fallacies from being perpetrated. To some extent, the killing of Jesus is justifiable.

It is right to attack any religion. It is right to expose what religion is, a false belief in mythical ideologies, and supernatural phenomena. It is even, I would add, moral, to expose religion for the harm it does to our society.

Finally, know that there is an alternative. You can be an atheist, an/or agnostic, a Free Thinker. You can decided to craft your own path, with regard to religion. You can reject those fallacies, and live a normal life without the fear of hell.


4 comments on “Killing of Jesus Was Justified – To Some Extent

  1. Kimutai Cherono
    June 20, 2012

    Get proactive stop reacting to religion, think of a better path.


    • Alfred
      June 20, 2012

      The is need to emphasis on the positive contributions of freethought / humanist values in the development of better a community and individuals not just pointing out failures and fallacies of religion and superstition.


    • wachira emmanuel
      June 20, 2012

      kimutai and what do u suggest is the alternative?
      Religion is evil and it must be attacked


  2. kimuta1
    July 2, 2014

    Religion is a scam based on a falsehood. The falsehood is God, there is no such thing. Religion is thus a con game perpetuated on the gullible and foolish.

    What is our role, to open the eyes of those that ‘want’ to find the truth. To find a route to being human that is compatible with the greatest happiness for all beings.

    Have a personal code that embodies your values. Follow it, recognise that others are also trying to do what is right no matter how misguided they are.


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