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Atheist Bible Study: Sexism

(Reblogged from The A-Word)

There was a top tweet making the rounds on Twitter a few weeks ago that had me chuckling. “So you’re an Atheist?” it went. “Please debate with me for hours about the Bible you’ve never actually read.

Don’t they know? A lot of us are atheist BECAUSE we read the Bible. Not just a few PC (politically correct) verses that some Pastor handpicked for us, or the snippets read every Sunday during Mass, but the entire Bible, cover to cover.

You know what I find paradoxical? Christian Woman. It is truly baffling to me that any woman with intelligence, self-worth and dignity would read the Bible and STILL remain Christian. That book is CHOCK FULL of verses that undermine women’s worth. Let’s get right to it.

If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean. But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days. – Leviticus 12:2-5

So basically, if a woman gives birth to a boy, she’ll be unclean for 7 days, but if she gives birth to a girl, she’ll be unclean for 14. First of all, the idea that giving life to another human being (as “planned” by God, by the way) makes a woman unclean is ridiculous by itself. But did you notice how baby girls make women TWICE MORE UNCLEAN than baby boys?

But Moses was furious with all the military commanders who had returned from the battle. “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded. “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the LORD at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the LORD’s people. Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves. – Numbers 31:14-18

Yay for rape! Yay for treating virgin women like property that “you may keep for yourself” after battle! It was advocated for by none other than Moses, so it must be all right.

If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife. – Deuteronomy 22:23-24

Oh, so the punishment of being a  victim of rape is being stoned to death? Makes perfect sense.

What’s that? Old Testament was made invalid by the coming of Jesus Christ? Two steps ahead of you, buddy. 🙂

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but [they are commanded] to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. – 1 Corinthians 14:34 – 35

Wow. I wonder whether female pastors ever read that verse.

Fancy more lessons in sexism straight from the Bible? Try this, or this, or this, or this.

Christian women, it’s 2012. Stop taking this bullshit. If you have to pick a religion, pick one that respects you.


About missdevi

Just your friendly neighbourhood atheist, blogging barefoot from somewhere in Nairobi, Kenya. Hoping to get Kenyans to open their minds and THINK.

One comment on “Atheist Bible Study: Sexism

  1. Esther
    February 20, 2013

    recently I attended a church n women were requesting to b involved in church matters n the pastor nicely declined….he said ‘we r lukin into it, but for now no’ How are these women still serving the same church were they are not recognized? so many stories in the Bible depict a woman as an object…sickening. Nyc article missdevi.


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